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:iconiisirenii:IISirenII posted a status
im watching some REALLY young black children picking between white dolls and black dolls and the man is asking the children "which doll is the nice doll?" and all of them pointed to the White doll... and then he asked.. "which doll is the bad doll?" and they all pointed to the black doll... and a woman asked them what doll they would want and they all point to da white doll.... WHY....AND THEN THEY'RE SOME WHITE CHILDREN POINTING TO SKIN TONES.. "WHICH IS THE GUD CHILD?!!?" DAY POINT TO DA LIGHTEST SKIN... "WHICH IS DA BAD CHILD?!?!?" DAY POINT TO DA DARKEST SKIN TO--- WHY DOES RACISM STILL EXIST!!?!? JUST MAKE IT STAHP!!! D:< IT MAKES MEH SAD

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