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:iconiisirenii:IISirenII posted a status
also back off all u haters and bullies out dere. why im sayin dis? cause my friend is being bullied and i hate it because at the end of the day today (February 8, 2016) she said on a note to her three friends (not sayin dere names but im one of da three friends) and it said someting like, "im not talking today because ppls called me fat, ugly, etc." AND I FREAKIN' HATE IT WHEN PPLS DO DAT. I JUST WANNA PUNCH EVERYONE ON HER HALL BECAUSE THEY'RE BEIN' MEANS TO HERS AND THE TEACHERS ON HER HALL AINT DOIN NUTIN' ABOUT IT!!!!....(sorries i care to much 4 my friends especially when they're being bullied. ALSO shes very insecure so i hate it when she's hurt) I'm literally gonna tell one of my guidance counselors or either my principal that ppls r bullying her and her teacher wont doz anyting aboutz it. I really hope she's okay right now... it's 11:24 so she's probably asleep lel. but pls if someone is bullying u right now tells meh in da comments and PLS tell meh wut they're doing to u cause i'd love to at least try and help youz. <3 

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