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Easter Bunny

This is one happy Easter bunny.
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hahaha, someone watches too much Ren and Stimpy ... :)
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haha - this is super old, but thanks for the comment.

ya know, it's weird but i really didn't watch <strike>much</strike> any ren and stimpy as a kid, but did begin to watch them when they came out on dvds a few years ago while I was in college. every individual piece i drew in college was heavily influenced on a specific artist since i was expanding my studies of different styles of cartoons and "fine" art, basically trying things out. obviously this one shines with john k. i drew this particular character for a cartoon that was printed in the college newspaper for Easter week.
Hi! I'm one of the Editors from NewsErrado, a blog from Brazil.
I liked very much your work and posted it in a collection about the Easter Bunny, if it's ok to you.
If you would like to check the result you are welcome:[link]
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HAH thats awesome Kris! He definatly looks like a "special" bunny haha! For a crit, teh only thing I can think of is to maybe have some of the shadows be darker and add soem highlights...but thast just me bein nitpicky..It does work as it is, so keep up the great work!
iiguitarii's avatar
thanks man!
yea, i guess i can see darkening some shadows and lightening some highlights. i'll throw those on some day, but for now gotta keep moving forward with projects or i'll fall behind!!
anywho, thanks for the crit man!
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Nice man! I dig the color choices here, and your style of coloring is definatley nice!
iiguitarii's avatar
Thanks a lot man!
chrisanja2000's avatar
awwwwh, ugly bunny LOL your style, is there any chance ull make a cute one ;) :P

btw i do like it, it's crazy as usual LOL
iiguitarii's avatar
Ugly bunny??? Shhhh, he might've heard you!!
This is as cute as they get!! What are you talkin about?? Geez...
haha...thanks for the comment!
joshgates's avatar
Haha, he looks like an addict, just savoring the anticipation of his next hit of "egg". Nice ;)
iiguitarii's avatar
Haha, right on man! Yea, I think he was hittin up that carrot stem a little too much...
and wow, the colors on that egg...
DanSchoening's avatar
Kick ass work man! Love the expression and design! Kudos
iiguitarii's avatar
Thanks a lot man!
YourFathersMustache's avatar
hell ya
make him hold a carrot and have that peg leg!!!!
iiguitarii's avatar
haha i dunno about that!
I like this guy how he his...maybe ill re-do the peg one though. Although it's not even my concept anyway!!
witchdoctordave's avatar
nice colors and the expression is nice. I actually don't want to wring this rabbit's neck.
iiguitarii's avatar
Thanks man!
Yea, I dont think this rabbit would know the difference if you were wringing his neck or not anyway!
witchdoctordave's avatar
Easter happiness is bliss!
ScarletSixString's avatar
this guy is cute. good expression. he better put a ton of good stuff in my basket!! yes i am 21 and i still get easter baskets
iiguitarii's avatar
Thanks thanks!
Hey, no wrong in that! I expect to get easter baskets till im 53!
kidoho's avatar
Was this rabbit eating led easter egg paint chips when he was just a bouncing baby bunny?
iiguitarii's avatar
That was probably a contributing factor, as well as probably smoked a little too much carrot stem.
oooooOOOOoooo, an eeegggg!
Thanks for the comment!
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he looks mental.. he he.. nice job..
iiguitarii's avatar
hey i just checked out your organ donor request...I may have to take part in that!
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