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September 19, 2014
lagoon by IIDanmrak is a captivating digital painting that draws the viewer in with its superb use of detailing, lighting, and composition work. 
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Old sailing ship :pirate:

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Excerpt from the diary of explorer James Windwood:

   "As I looked upon the ruined ship, her broken yet still beautiful lines captivated my attention-how had she gotten here? What had she been carrying? The name on her stern was lost to time, but there was still a powerful sense of mystery and grandeur around her ruined hull. Who were you, mystery ship?"

This is a really cool pic, and the environment is amazing. I felt inspired to write the little piece above just from looking at it.

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:D                    AGREED                     B-)
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Must have been a helluva storm to drive her this far inland!
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Amazing! Love the detail on the ship, powerful perspective and atmosphere too, it almost feels like I'm standing there:) great work!
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incredible work !
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Outstanding work!!!
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Interesting picture
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So beautiful I love the shadow 
One of my favorites so far
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Fantastic *о*
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Your work inspires me to write, thank you for posting this beautiful work!!! ^^
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Stunning work. I can only imagine the stories that must be told about such a thing, and what potential treasures wait for those brave enough to explore the wreck and the surrounding waters. The places where the wood has rotted and the moss growing all over it are a super nice touch. Overall it has a very creepy feeling, and I love it <3
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Who know what secrets lie in the wreck?
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