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Castle ruins

Comfortable apartment :)
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Inspiring! A story in one pic!
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Beautiful. I love the sense that there is more below we can't quite see, the clear signs that the outside is overgrown, little details like the break in the railing on the right side or how there are no windows that just show the place has been abandoned for quite a while. Beautiful work <3
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Awesome work!
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This is amazing! The atmosphere is perfect.
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beautiful atmosphere, it's a story in itself :)
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Your art is amazing !! Love it !!!
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Holy shizz, this is amazing! :wow: x) Asdfggasdg- seriously! The lighting, perspective, and originality of this piece is just perfect. :heart: Lovely work!~~ :love:
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I could live here
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I always enjoy these urban decay images. Most of what I’ve seen on dA, though, is modern places as realized many years after civilization has fallen. This is refreshing. :)
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bluffed if Man happen to go out of your head :O
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beautiful light!
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Reminds me of the game Shadow of the Colossus - regardless, this is really good! :)
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Looks like a wonderful place to be, although at night it would get very scary :/
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Great lightning!
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Really atmospheric ^^ I love it!!
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what brushes did you use??
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Standard and custom brushes :)
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Reminds me of that level in Ico.

The person could use a cast shadow maybe, I dunno if it would detract from the composition or not. I like it. =]
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