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Chapter One - comics FOE - seventh page


Fallout: Equestria - Chapter One: Out of the Stable

[*] I want to express my gratitude to the individual people who contributed to this page. Thank you for finding me.…

written by Kkat.

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So awsome to see the comic continued.


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Wow who would have thought that a locker would have had thud written on top in big gold letters?

The onomatopoeia in the last panel. :DStellar!

Is the dialogue in this comic taken from the story, or is it original?

IIapIIIuBbIu's avatar

Yes. All dialogue from the original story. Except for some phrases written on my own.

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Not even when you telegraph it... It's amazing really...

rautamiekka's avatar

Yeah, makes you wonder about the smarts department of SOME ponies :P

Like, surely the guards would know she ain't exactly a very versatile magic user, so if they can see her aura, they should know SOMETHING is coming, quite literally :P

Well, their stupidity is Littlepip's win :XD:

Pony4Koma's avatar


Hail the Lightbringer!

rautamiekka's avatar

Haha, amen to that :XD:

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I swear even the residents are calling Pip a filly just to fuck with her cuz they all should very well know she's an adult :P

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I think the coffee/cigarette guard knew what was coming so he switched out helmets. Turned out it didn't matter since the "D" from "THUD" landed on his head. XD

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This scene reminds me of Leaving the Stable - Fallout Equestria [SFM] From Argodaemon. Perfectly made scene.

It's so good to see this comic continuing despise the time frame betweeen pages. Is such a good story.

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