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Name: Lolo (●´ω`●✿) Location: 🌞 South Florida 🌴 Gender: 🚺 Female

Birthday: 🎂 October 3rd 🎉 Sign: Libra ♎

I've been cosplaying since 2011!

Account Notice: Almost anyone who's been using DA for as long as I have or longer would most likely agree that it's time is up for cosplayers and it's really died down a lot in general. The biggest norm for cosplayers is Instagram accounts, TikTok pages, and still barely hanging on are Facebook pages. I'm sad to say that I really can't keep up anymore with all of this social media for cosplay while also trying to be active as an artist too. So if you haven't noticed already, I deleted a lot of my social media accounts that were under the user 'ii2dii' and did start new but not with all the social media platforms I used in the past. It was mainly to start posting art and that became my artist name but I'm not ready to be active as an artist even yet. Back to me cosplaying... I can't cosplay almost at all anymore and have a lot of real life issues (a lot having to do with my physical health) and they are preventing me from even going back to school or getting a job... Cosplay also got too expensive and isn't what it used to be... And no lie, the community and a lot of people in it have rotted me to the absolute core. I almost want nothing to do with the community and the people in it. But I still love cosplay and miss conventions to death and I am still good friends with people in it. My dream is to sell my art merch in Artist Alley at a con in the future but I have so many issues with my art and I'm not ready mentally nor money wise to start producing merch of my art. I also can barely do commissions due to my physical health and crazy life. So like long story short (skip to here for the point of this notice)... I'm going to continue posting cosplay on my deviantART but it won't be often at all and will most likely be at random times. I'm treating this deviantART like a storage archive for my cosplays in a sense. This also means I won't be replying to anything anymore (like most cosplayers do now a days anyways) and I am no longer doing these huge story descriptions for every post. I'm only putting the necessary information and that's it (like who the cosplayer is, the photographer, and all that jazz). I low key was just going to delete/move everything to stash storage on here but I didn't want to feel like I was getting rid of this account and if I ever can cosplay again I'd love to come back and use it and put more work into it. But for now, it's basically storage for me of my cosplays, and if anyone finds amusement from what I post along the way then cool beans! Thank you all who care enough to read this and I appreciate everyone's support all this time! I love you all so much! <3

Username Note: I have yet to change my username over to FizzyDinoPop (BubblyDinoPop is for my art only and FizzyDinoPop is for my cosplays only) but I need core and DA expects you to pay $15 for it (which is the cheapest tier sadly) even though all I want it for is to change my user... -inserts concerned frog emote here-



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Hello! I'm open for commissions!

Feel free to note me if you are interested. Thank you and have a nice day!

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