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Thorax's Final Form

Mature Content Because of Spoilers. Will remove them once the episode airs in the US.


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Really wasn't expecting Ol' King Neon Bugmoose to be back so soon...
Prince-Leader's avatar
... I like this picture, not so much the "NEW" changelings... Its too colorful...

"When I become King of the hive, I sure don't want this happening to me!!!"    ~Prince Leader

Seriously, I am not comfortable with this design, Why not just make him look like chrysalis, taller, more broader shaped? But, you did make a nice picture of it.
NavelColt's avatar
Because the new changelings are designed off the many qualities that bugs have that people tend to enjoy - bright colors, unique appendages, etc. The changelings as we've known them up till now were based off bug qualities not so appealing, such as complete black color schemes, holes, etc.

King Thorax, himself, is based off the rainbow stag beetle.
Rainbow stag beetle by Jassylaw

You're free to dislike the color scheme, but do understand there's very, very sound logic behind their new designs. ;)
Prince-Leader's avatar
Oh I know there's logic behind it, just, I've been used to the other ones...
NavelColt's avatar
Yeah, everyone has c: As we see more of the new designs in S7 well get used to them
Prince-Leader's avatar
Well, Im keeping my black chitin... I uh, dont want to be pastel... no offence ponies... It works on you guys.
ThePowerBeast's avatar
Oh, stubborn to change??? That's fine, like what you like, if you changed because of pharynx.
Prince-Leader's avatar
Pharynx was our last hope for equality among Old and New... Perhaps we should second guess our decisions... But, until Our TRUE Ruler, Queen Chrysalis makes a move, we stand beside her. Queen Chrysalis 2 
ThePowerBeast's avatar
Well, a opinion is a opinion, also she's coming back in season 8, so prepare your hype trains.
Jennyliino's avatar
I kinda liked the original form more....btw, now when queen crysalis is seen,then about sombra?(I really want to see somba in action again)
ThePowerBeast's avatar
In the comics, sombra got reformed, but in the show, idl if he will come back.
Sailor-Touko667's avatar
The Changelings are beautiful when they've turned good!
Taigan's avatar
I just watched the finale today.  Can I just say that Thorax becoming the leader of the changelings seemed to come out of nowhere?  It's not like the other changelings agreed to that, or even said anything.  The ponies just were like "Well, he was the first, and he has the biggest... horns? Antennae?  Whatever those are."
JSHADOWM's avatar
Would be bamf if he spoke up like "Leader? no, no no. we are going to hold an election. you can expect negotiations after that." Would be kinda cool if the changelings were a Republic after who knows how long of queenly oppression. they seem less likely to want to give someone absolute power over the hive ever again.
Nocturn2's avatar
Huzzah! For the new Changeling King!
Legate47's avatar
And I thought the changelings were ugly before.
Graeystone's avatar
Where the artists/colorists drunk when they came up with that color scheme?
ThePowerBeast's avatar
Rainbow beetles are the inspiration for the reformed forms.
Siluntwolf's avatar
I like Thorax's new form
HolyGoldenCarter's avatar
So pretty! ^w^

On a side note, I loved Changelings before, but with their new form, I love them more than ever! :D
bruiser128's avatar
I honestly never saw this coming during the two part finale.
trygveblacktiger's avatar
I knew he was going to be important when he firsht came on screen but that important as he currently is....
bruiser128's avatar
The new leader of the quite literally reformed Changelings. 
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