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The King and Queen

Mature Tag because spoilers. ;) I will remove it ones the episode has aired in the US.


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Really love your drawings, and your use of colours here is really impressive. :clap:
PurpleWonderPower's avatar
Holy guacamole, that's good!
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This would look soooooo cool as a black light poster.
spitfire-panda's avatar
Beautiful and epic!
Equeto's avatar
I smell "Civil War" between the two hives in a near future.....Anyways Queen Crysalis and the TRUE CHANGELINGS will exterminate the IMPURES!!!!

And great piece of art!
TankPanzer75's avatar
I was thinking that as well. I won't deny the fact that things are starting to get very interesting now. 

One group remains loyal to Chrysalis, they form their own army, steal love, conquer Equestria.

The other reformed changelings align themselves to Thorax, not forgetting their equestrian allies.

 So on the premise of season 7 we might get the possibility of seeing......CHANGELING WARS?!! 0-0…;  <-----(This thing probably won't happen, but I like to imagine the possibilities, plus it was in the back of my mind at the time I was thinking about it.)

Fantastic art piece by the way, absolutely ecstatic! (Ilona-the-Sinister) 
Equeto's avatar
If they would develope the idea of "Guardians f the Harmony" as an action Tv-Show with more mature content and depp argument maybe we could see something simmilar-Suspire-

On other hand, I think that the show should also show another races than seem apparently to be "refused" by their look by the ponies as for example the mysterious "Bat ponies" of Princess Luna (I have the theory that they would banished from Equestria by order of Celestia long time ago for support the rebellion of NM, and that only can return to Equestria in limited numbers as guards of Luna or in special events.)
This picture looks gorgeous! Well done :)
templar127's avatar
I found a new wallpaper for my phone!
TsuriaDragon's avatar
If they just removed the antlers Thorax would look so much better 
Setakarn's avatar
Nice work! Love how you did the colors!
WinterDominus's avatar
Chrissie should be at the top ;P Nevertheless, fantastic work! 
CelestialRainicorn's avatar
Wow look at that contrast
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