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Island expedition skirmish sketch by Ihsan997 Island expedition skirmish sketch :iconihsan997:Ihsan997 2 0 Parry and rout character colors by Ihsan997 Parry and rout character colors :iconihsan997:Ihsan997 4 3
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Parry and rout short scene :iconihsan997:Ihsan997 1 0
Parry and Rout sketch by Ihsan997 Parry and Rout sketch :iconihsan997:Ihsan997 3 0
Old habits short story
Shadows danced on an old, leathery face on the shore. Bone colored but entirely intact, the noseless face beneath the hood watched the fire twist and turn on the remains of silk tents. Hot, natural flames started by flint, the fire consumed the waste material and unusable damaged goods in what had once been a fortified corniche on a nameless coastal plain on the eastern Broken Shore. Garamonde hung his helmet from the saddle of his corpse-like horse, allowing him to fold his hands behind his back as he paced along the broken Legion ramparts.
All around him laid a scene so triumphant that he wished he’d brought along a leper gnome to produce photographs.
The dead imps were so plentiful that he stopped trying to walk around them and merely stepped on them as the ghouls feasted on demon flesh. Felguards and satyr twitched as his skeleton soldiers scoured the field for crossbow bolts to salvage, revealing which demon foot soldiers were truly dead and which had tried to feign death to
:iconihsan997:Ihsan997 1 0
Inspecting ranks short story
Waves of jet black metal swayed to and fro, covering the dark grey sand like a flood of deadly plague. As tattered as their unliving bodies were, the soldiers in the company on the shore had still been outfitted with the best gear the Ebon Blade could offer. Unblemished plate armor over intricately linked chainmail covered the vulnerable parts of the mostly skeletal soldiers, forming a single black mass were they to be viewed from afar. Every one of them stood with their partners, crossbowman and spearmen, all of them organized into perfectly symmetrical units. They didn’t waver, they didn’t budge, they didn’t back down even as the broken ranks of demons a few miles ahead of them scrambled to reassemble after the failed assault by the living which had preceded. The Alliance, Horde, Argent Crusade, Cenarion Circle, and even the Forsaken had smashed the organization of the Burning Legion on that morning, but a dark cloud of undeath more hollow and imposing than the best
:iconihsan997:Ihsan997 1 0
Soul salvage short story
Garamonde looked at the new armor set in the mirror. At first, the idea of being assigned new gear by the Ebon Blade after he'd been coerced into membership felt seemed like being shackled. Once he was wearing it, however, he had to admit that the armor, knightly sword, surcoat, and cloak he'd been given were much nicer than what he'd expected.
"This is good work," he murmured, assuming his voice would have been lost in the din of metal work in the floating ziggurat's upper reaches.
Corvus, a skeletal blacksmith at Acherus, overheard him. "I don't sleep; I just work. Jobs that take the living a month take me a day." The skeleton sounded indignant, and ironically, displayed a lot more emotion than most of Garamonde's new peers.
"May we never be deprived of your work," he told the skeleton just as he heard the ring of a familiar silver bell.
Without even greeting him, Lady Alistra's risen drudge began to gurgle at him. "Troops, officers, and labor on ground. Ready in two hours. Waiting f
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Picking pieces short story
Garamonde stopped trying to map Acherus in his mind on his second day there. He'd found an isolated corner in the Liche's library to force himself into a sleep state in order to pass the time, and it took the ice ghost a good ten hours to realize Garamonde was there and wake him up.
By chance, he bumped into one of the various ghouls used for manual labor and knocked the walking corpse over in a hallway outside the library. The ringing of a literal bell caught Garamonde’s attention.
“Here, let me help you up,” he said while extending a hand. The barely sentient being accepted the aid unquestioningly, and a silver bell jingled around its neck in the process. “You...I was told about you. You keep track of troop organization?”
Too dim witted to be upset at the collision, the risen drudge blinked its deteriorated eyebrows as it took in the question. “Yes...have numbers,” it gurgled.
Relief washed over Garamonde prematurely. “I see; you were s
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Jungle troll and giant bat stalk a town by Ihsan997 Jungle troll and giant bat stalk a town :iconihsan997:Ihsan997 2 0 Size of Gage class transport vs Fury interceptor by Ihsan997 Size of Gage class transport vs Fury interceptor :iconihsan997:Ihsan997 0 0 Because I need to draw something by Ihsan997 Because I need to draw something :iconihsan997:Ihsan997 0 0 Orc raider chopping NSFW version by Ihsan997
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Orc raider chopping NSFW version :iconihsan997:Ihsan997 2 0
Orc raider chopping SFW version by Ihsan997 Orc raider chopping SFW version :iconihsan997:Ihsan997 1 2 Armored orc charging with a morning star by Ihsan997 Armored orc charging with a morning star :iconihsan997:Ihsan997 1 1 Orc with axes waiting in the wind by Ihsan997 Orc with axes waiting in the wind :iconihsan997:Ihsan997 1 0 Hobgoblin telling an orc a secret by Ihsan997 Hobgoblin telling an orc a secret :iconihsan997:Ihsan997 2 0


Witch Elf Sketch by DKuang Witch Elf Sketch :icondkuang:DKuang 69 15 Orc Choppa by fenix42 Orc Choppa :iconfenix42:fenix42 9 7 Orc Choppa by DKuang Orc Choppa :icondkuang:DKuang 64 14 Final Cropped by bugball Final Cropped :iconbugball:bugball 63 5 warcraft - ork charge by effix35 warcraft - ork charge :iconeffix35:effix35 107 22 Witch's Brew Final Sketch by WilliamFenholt Witch's Brew Final Sketch :iconwilliamfenholt:WilliamFenholt 116 8 Trolls and witch by pardoart Trolls and witch :iconpardoart:pardoart 250 33 Daintily by KatieHofgard Daintily :iconkatiehofgard:KatieHofgard 129 22 Zelda Sword and Shield pendant collection by TheHylianHaunter Zelda Sword and Shield pendant collection :iconthehylianhaunter:TheHylianHaunter 83 62 The Troll and the Squire by SaskiaDeKorte The Troll and the Squire :iconsaskiadekorte:SaskiaDeKorte 88 83 Troll Slayer by Du1l Troll Slayer :icondu1l:Du1l 464 43 Waddesdon Knight (Sir Roger (?) Dynham) Circa 1350 by RobbieMcSweeney Waddesdon Knight (Sir Roger (?) Dynham) Circa 1350 :iconrobbiemcsweeney:RobbieMcSweeney 112 8 Lady Margaeux Valdras by Musing-Zero Lady Margaeux Valdras :iconmusing-zero:Musing-Zero 10 0 Orc by Zagumennyy Orc :iconzagumennyy:Zagumennyy 306 17

My screen name is already taken on Tumblr. What should I do? 

4 deviants said Make a voodoo doll of whoever has the Ihsan997 screen name on Tumblr already.
1 deviant said Just make up a new, Tumblr only name and link to it.
1 deviant said Pick a Tumblr screen name close to this one, like Ihsan998.
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No deviants said Pick a new available name and adjust my name here, on FF, and on AO3.
So this is the reckoning which must be had with my Warcraft fanfics over on FanFiction dot net. Obviously, the situation as it stands is in great need of clarification, first and foremost for myself. I believe I’ve found the most ideal solution by adhering to Occam’s Razor.

basically, I went on a writing binge from December 2014 to January 2016, penning a number of tales revolving around original characters living in Ratchet. They were a mixed bunch, coming from races associated with the Alliance, Horde, and unaffiliated but all connected latently through the Steamwheedle Cartel. The writing process was fun, therapeutic, and yielded enough stories for me to continue postings chapter every week until 2020.

the obvious problem, of course, is that in January 2016, there was no way for me to have guessed what direction Blizzard would take things in. Because some of my later stories are set ~300 years ahead on Warcraft’s timeline, a number of important plot elements have rendered those stories non-canon-compliant.

I’m not salty about it or anything; that’s what I get for writing so far ahead in a product which is constantly changing. Hell, how many old school Warcraft fics were set in the future when written, but then were rendered non-compliant by Arthas dying or Pandaria being discovered? It’s fiction, it’s fun, it’s all contained in its own continuum and universe for each writer, and I still had so much fun. The characters are just as vivid to me now as when they were still compliant.

But the reckoning must take place. One day, I will write Little stories again because it’s fun, and I want those to be compliant. Without further ado, I’ll swallow the bitter pill and post a clarification for the reader regarding my stories on FanFiction (my AO3 profile is strictly non-Warcraft and this isn’t affected).

AU stories:

1. Cecilia and Khujand, as well as stories about their kids. I still get this magical feeling when thinking about that family, especially their grandkids, but it’s a thread which exists outside of the current official Warcraft storyline. For their children, Suramar is still a mere legend, Teldrassil and Astranaar weren’t destroyed, Undercity is normal, and the Alliance and Horde broke down and weakened into a stalemate. It’s a completely alternate freaking dimension compared to the story now.

2. Family and close friends of the above, such as Sonja and Erikur, Anula and Melas, and other neutral relations.

3. The women of Serenity, along with their children, grandchildren, and friends. This is painful for me because I had grand plans for them, I crafted them meticulously as a nod to my days playing Warcraft III as a teen, and I got attached. Then again, Teldrassil burning hurts even more and I’m still accepting of that.

4. My characters from Brill, who are distantly and indirectly connected to the above in always I haven’t explored since these AU threads are all completed and closed books as far as I’m concerned. Barghash, Zulgha, Khadijah, Rahotepa, even Ihsan himself are AU.

non-AU and canon-compliant

1. My cheesy, almost 80s metal style Horde nomads, the Killface Warband. None of the characters are dramatic and they’re more fun than anything. The lack of drama and depth makes keeping them canon-compliant super easy.

2. My “Suramar” characters from the Shadow Hunter vs. Demon Hunter series. Kenda, a forest troll and shadow hunter (a race and a class both not playable and probably never will be), her family and friends from the Hinterlands, and Neruda, my completely dysfunctional night elf DH. Their stories are extremely violent yet full of light hearted humor in a way that still tickles me. They’re also not very dramatic, lending themselves to short, canon-compliant stories.

Canon compliant and not AU, but formerly as such

1. Garamonde, my DK who’s been fighting since the First War And was involved in every conflict since. I ripped him away from his friends in Brill as a way of torturing the character, cutting all ties to make true drama for him. His stories have since all been canon-compliant, and since he never appeared directly with my Brill characters - his connection to them is only known from a letter he reads in a single chapter in a minor story I posted here on DA - I’ve decided to just keep him separate from them and pretend he’s merely an independent, if bitter and bereaved, death knight. This is a bit of a selfish decision because after Johan from my Cecilia-Khujand continuum, Garamonde is the closest of all my OCs to my real-life personality and behavior, so it’s super easy to write even detailed scenes with him. It’s not like Neruda or Khujand where planning their behavior took tons of work for consistency.

unclear even to me

1. My Horde-loyal Darkspear characters Kartina, Punchau, and Chaitama. All blurbs and stories they’ve appeared in since Legion have been canon compliant and minor, but they started with Kartina and her connection to the women of Serenity. They’re still fun characters, though, so where do they stand?


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I haven't drawn since the 10th grade and haven't painted since I was still wetting the bed. This site is awesome and has awesome people. Please inspire me with your awesomeness to make some art.…


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