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Warren and cats

By ihni
First of all, let me explain why I put this in the catergory I did. It's Traditional Art, because I drew it by hand (coloured it in Photoshop, but that's another story ...). It's Movies/TV because it's supposed to be Warren Peace from Disney's movie "Sky High". And it's Fan Art, because this here scene is from a fanfic I've read that's called "Warren vs the cats", written by Jeune Chat, which you can read here: [link]

Cats like Warren, you see. Because he's warm. *snickers* Warren likes cats too. But he can't admit that. It would seriously dent his bad-boy image.

The movie in itself ... wasn't very good. This character here, Warren Peace, was the only reason I watched it, really. But when I'd seen it, I went to search for some fanfics (I had some time over, can you blame me?), and I stumbled upon Jeune Chat's story "War and Peace in Mind" ([link]) which took me three days to read. It's a good story, much better than the movie. Of course, after I had finished it, I had to read throgh her other stories too. And found "Warren vs the cats". Which put this image in my head. My head, being as obnoxious and stubborn as ever, wouldn't give me a break until I'd drawn it. So I did. So this piece of art up here is actually Fan Art ... to Jean Chat's Fanfiction. Disney might own the rights to the characters, but she's certainly molded them into her own. Me likes.

Am I happy with the result? Nah. I've tried to learn how to colour lineart, but I can never get the desired result. So that sucks. Also, I suck at colouring in Photoshop, and colouring in general. But that's why I need the practice. This here, is practice. And overall, I'm content.

Warren Peace originally belongs to Disney, I guess.
THIS Warren Peace, though, comes from Jeune Chat.
The only thing that's mine, really, is the drawing itself. :P Eh. Good enough.


HAHA @ Ida: Hard core cuteness, in deed ...
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Warren, why the f*** do you have so many cats!?!
ihni's avatar
He hee, they're not his cats. Yet.
theangelofvictory's avatar
Yet!?, What is that supposed to mean!?😨
ihni's avatar
I'd like to think that he came back and adopted at least one of them, later. When no one was there to witness it.
theangelofvictory's avatar
Oh, that seems logical.
farie-insignias's avatar
This is awesome on so many levels.
vampdemon13's avatar
Badass intimidation lost cause of adorable fluffy kitties
MissiTofu's avatar
I love this picture!
My boyfriend's family has 12 cats and his younger (and very hot) brother looks a lot like Warren, so this pleases me in many ways XD
SnittyCakez's avatar
I recently drew some artwork from that movie if you would like to check it out?
yaoifansevinteen's avatar
...some ones haveing rosted cat for dinner :3
SnittyCakez's avatar
Oh my goodness YES!!!!!!!!!
This made me giggle, and she's one of my favorite FanFic writers. Her Warren is a bit more uplifting a happy than my stories of him.
Oh and I like his shirt!
Norasha's avatar
lmfao! nice pic!
Faroli's avatar
Haha skön blandning av hard core och mega cuteness^^
nästan som hard core cuteness!
seeker-j's avatar
I just read the fic:
"She now needed to die."

favourite line.
ihni's avatar
Ihihiii, yeah, I re-read it a few days ago. I really love her fics.
I -adore- Jeune Chat's fics, and this pic made me squee with its adorableness. Great job! :)
airagorncharda's avatar
I've created a Sky High club. Feel free to join and submit. ^_^

wrestband's avatar
i totally cracked when i saw this! xD
Upon-A-Whim's avatar
XD I remember this! Jeune Chat's fics are all really great, and this just makes me smile. I think you did a good job.
Shmelanna's avatar
muahaha. I rather enjoy this. I LOLed :3
HiddenRelevance's avatar
Ahahaha yes! I just read that fic myself.. this amuses the crap outta me lol

And yeah- he was definitely the high point of the movie.. and really-who in their right mind would have chosen Will over Warren???
ihni's avatar
I don't know, but it bothered me too. Apparantly Layla wasn't in her right mind ...
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