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Started out as a study~

OH.MY.GOD. !!!!
Would never thought about that someday I could get a DD, this really made my day! Thank you so so so much!!! T__T :heart:
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I love this, the fear in her eyes is so on point. I feel like someone just opened a door and she’s looking at them in utter fear.
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Light? Looks like an intense moment here!

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Very strong and emotional! Reminds me of Bioshock Infinite

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Mad!! and so beautiful.

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simple but I love the glimpse of light there!

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How pretty =0

Those colors around her face are intense, and not in a painfully distracting way either.

Haah. Its hard to explain/describe, especially right now, because I. Am. Sleepy.


Her expression also conveys something intense; concern, fear, maybe even both.

I know you dont exactly have a story laid out for this one, so I'd like to call it fuel for the imagination.

I'm trying to piece together a story for it.

7 u 7

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Glad you do! <3

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Thank you so much!

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You're welcome!


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Fantastic work :D

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You are welcome <3<3<3<3

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Beautfiul image, makes me wonder about the story behind it and the character.

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Thank you so much, glad you like it! <33

Haven't thought about a story yet but she could be an ousted mermaid c:

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Nice idea, and congrats on the DD!

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