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Heir to the Empire

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EDIT: I have been tweaking and such trying to get the right look, the original upload was too saturated and looked a little flat to me.

Another Drew Struzan type poster, I like this one so much more than the first one I posted. The layout is based on the original cover of the Timothy Zahn novel. Enjoy!
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Perfect. Except they look a bit old.
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tomalakisHobbyist Digital Artist
the real one...
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Emilion-3Hobbyist Writer
Very nice. I am impressed.
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littlefoot21676767Hobbyist Interface Designer
star wars ep xi
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SaledinProfessional General Artist
As usual, I'll go see it opening weekend. But it's gonna suck not seeing that great 20th Century Fox logo introduce it.  Now we have to deal with that pansi-assed Magic Kingdom opening.
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this should be the next films for star wars
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Majestic-MSFCHobbyist General Artist
This is some great work. 
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D-Train92Student Traditional Artist
Great job! Very...Struzan-like ;)
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Very nice, though those 5 years really seem to have aged the characters since RotJ lol
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The only problem is that Ford, Hamill, and Fisher are now far too old to play their characters from that early in the New Republic era.
XizerTheGrey's avatar
It's wishful thinking, they'll never do something as epic as the trilogy
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mandospartangirl117Hobbyist General Artist
Love it
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Disney needs to use this for the next movie nice job on the Characters just how they look today.
Who would play Admiral Thrawn?
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SteffelHobbyist General Artist
While I'm not as crazy about the Thrawn trilogy as some I'd really like to see this. Who does Joseph Gordon-Levitt play? And what about Mara Jade?

Great job with capturing all the actors likeness by the way. And the way you do hair looks excellent, so detailed and well shaded.
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IhlecreationsProfessional General Artist
Thanks for the kind words, I am not sure who Levitt would play, I would cast Julianne Moore as Mara Jade. As for the actors likeness' I have to admit these were photos that I manipulated and painted over to achieve the look.
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SteffelHobbyist General Artist
Maybe Levitt for Karrde?

And I once tried painting over a photo, too but it looked nowhere as good as this. I think it still requires lots of talent to make it look this neat. :nod:
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That looks really good. Not as canon though, their ages wouldn't match but then again ya knew that already, lol.
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I like this. It would be great if they really made Thrawn trilogy into movies! But that seems to be unlikely to happen, and anyway most of the movie adaptations of good books are not good. But the poster is really great. Nice job.
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That is one movie I want to see
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I see Thrawn appears to be Jason Isaacs... who's C'baoth?
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IhlecreationsProfessional General Artist
Bill Nighy
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He's perfect for C'baoth!!
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