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Good and Evil: The Family Dynamic (Part 1)
It was a superbly normal place; nothing unique. The suburbs were filled with your average families, with average kids who went to normal schools with normal curriculum. There were your regular restaurants, theaters, shopping centers, and work places in the city that was nearby. There was really nothing worth putting under the info section on the town’s map; save for one thing. Specifically, two parents.
“Michael, stop poking your sister.”
“But Mom, she started it.”
“I don’t care who started it.”
The lights flickered overhead, causing the living room to dim. Two children, a black haired boy of about fourteen and a brown haired girl of fifteen sat across from their mother, a blonde woman of thirty-six. The table was filled with a small spread of food.
“Sarah, can you please stop messing with the electricity, I’m trying to work here!” Came the call from upstairs; the male voice sounded slightly irritated.
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Lady Life and Sir Death: Part 2
She was almost leaping, dancing, as she ran ahead of him, that seemingly still figure that seemed to float above the ground; she knew full well it was only the slight smoke around his feet that caused this effect, so she did not fear or question it. It was only part of his nature.
Her gossamer gown rippled out behind her as she ran into the light, out from underneath the cover of the trees. She looked back to see if he was still following her, and she smiled at the sight of him, slow as he was; he was constant, slow but constant, and she frowned, noting that this was not a particularly bad description of his job as it affected the mortals they took care of. But she smiled again, pleased that he was finally catching up. The gray cover of the trees made him look even grayer and more blurred than he was; he was about halfway up the road now, dead leaves blowing away from him in his wake, the trees and the plants and flowers that she had created speedily wilting and dying when he passed th
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Panic Attack
Ever since she had been abducted by the BLU team, her personality had changed. Where she was introverted and snarky before, now she was even more so, if not to the point of complete and total introversion, not even coming out to fight unless Medic spent hours talking her into going into battle with the rest of the group. They started to worry about her, she could see that, see it in their eyes. But she never was one to talk.
The others were now heading back to the main base as the shimmering space colored and solidified into Spy. She stayed back, waiting until the last of the group had gone before she clutched her head in agony, taking the cigarette out of her mouth. The pain had dispelled for some time now since the last shots had been fired; loud noise was not good for any headache. But it had been in the front of her mind for quite some time now; she couldn’t remember when it had started. Oh well. That’s what Medic was for, she figured.
Her slender frame cracked and popp
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Dead Man Walking by iheartslashers Dead Man Walking :iconiheartslashers:iheartslashers 4 1 Let Me Live That Fantasy by iheartslashers Let Me Live That Fantasy :iconiheartslashers:iheartslashers 0 3 Demons by iheartslashers Demons :iconiheartslashers:iheartslashers 1 3
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Not Today, B*tch! :iconiheartslashers:iheartslashers 0 1
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Pegann) by iheartslashers Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Pegann) :iconiheartslashers:iheartslashers 4 15
Strange Dreams and Ruptured Promises
My eyes opened, the uneasiness from my dream still permeating through me. Would he really act like that? Would he be as unlike himself and distant today as he had been in the dream? I blinked, looking up at the ceiling, contemplating the dream, strange as it was, for several minutes.... Only one way to find out, though I hoped it wouldn’t be so.
I found him at the organ, merely tapping a few keys here and there, trying to find inspiration for a new song he probably wanted to write. I froze at the doorway when I saw him, not sure if he would begin acting like he had in my dream. He turned, his lovely yellow eyes molten and warm like they had always been, at least when he was looking at me.
“Good morning, mon petit.”, he murmured, his voice soft and understated, not rough at all. I still stayed in the doorway, still nervous, not sure if he would act as he had in the dream or not. He shot up, a little concerned and nervous himself, and motioned to a posh chair he had sit
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Aura Mavaldo (Wolf Form) by iheartslashers Aura Mavaldo (Wolf Form) :iconiheartslashers:iheartslashers 0 2
Aura Mavaldo
Name: Aura Mavaldo
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Lycan Breed: Nabalon
Status: Rogue
Marital Status: Single
Date of Birth: 5/14/94
Place of Birth: Milford, Ohio
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Likes: Chocolate, strong relationships, movies, reading, and sleeping
Dislikes: Rude people
Fears/Weaknesses: Insects
Allergic to Silver: Yes
Human Details:
Profession: Student
Race: Caucasian
Height: 6' 0''
Weight: 138
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Distinguishing Traits: Scar across her left eye
Personality: Has a strong sense of equality; instantly angry at those who miscalculate her or think themselves better than her. Is very slow to befriend people, and only does so with a rare few. However, once she does she is a lifelong friend, violently protective and almost possessive of her loved ones.
Wolf Form Details:
Class: Bitten
Date of Bite: 4/14/13
Breed: Nabalon
Temperment: Withdrawn, protective, and sensitive
Pelt Colors: The majority of the coat is gray, though it gets redder as it nears her
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Is this not the saddest face EVER?! by iheartslashers Is this not the saddest face EVER?! :iconiheartslashers:iheartslashers 2 1 Catch Me if You Can by iheartslashers Catch Me if You Can :iconiheartslashers:iheartslashers 5 6
Do You Hear What We Two Sing?
I looked out over the balcony, the moon bright as ever, the stars sparkling, but that was not what was holding my attention at that moment as I looked out over the city of Paris. My heart was subtle with the freedom my conviction had given me; I was no longer jealous of her and her new boyfriend. I smiled, tears streaming down my face, and ran down the many pathways, my footsteps echoing me, until I came down the last pathway to see HIM, the one who I'd decided I would give my heart to fully. He would be glad to hear this, I was sure. He agonized over my pain as much as I did.
He turned around from his organ, pausing in his composing to turn to me, and started when he saw that I was crying, shooting up and holding his hands out, but pausing again when he saw that I was smiling. He stood, waiting, for me to explain, not needing to say anything. I began to sing.
I will let her go
No more pain will I feel on her part
But please don't leave me all alone
I will offer you my heart
I shed all
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I didn't know why I came here with HIM, to see HER. The little nincompoop, the naive, blonde haired girl, wanted to see MY Erik. MINE. Not hers. He was mine, all mine; he was my father and my mother, my sister and my brother, my son and my daughter, all in one.  He was my everything. And then this happened. All I want is to die. If I cannot have him, then death is the much better option than being rejected by him for HER. Is the pain over yet? Can I die now? Please?
I sat on my chair, the wood uncomfortable, due to the fact that there was no cushion. I looked around the little living room, the fireplace dead because it was midday. Light shone through the windows, the floor and carpets ablaze with color.  I gritted my teeth, remembering why we were here, jealousy tearing at my innards, possessiveness gripping my mind.
She, Christine, had inexplicably called for him, called US to her cottage, since she knew I would not leave Erik for anything; this was what I did not understand: sh
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Topsy Turvy Day: Unicorn Style
Ah. It was January 6th again, a date that Claude hated almost as much as I hated homework. The bright sunlight bounced off of the gypsies' randomly placed flags, carts, and various other objects meant to delight and astound the audience. But, of course, Claude had a funny bone about as big as an atom, especially today. More so than any other year, however, because just a year ago today the gypsy Esmeralda had entranced him, and even though she'd left a year ago, he was still pining for her; angry, though he was.
I stood next to his stand, watching him glare at the place where the gypsies were to stand in just a few seconds' time. I could hear him audibly grit his teeth, glaring daggers as Clopin, the supposed leader of the gypsies, came out to introduce himself as he did every year. Claude jerked his head to look at me as I moved from beside his stand, to see Clopin better. I also had an idea, one that would hopefully cheer Claude up…if he could be cheered up at all.
I moved my wa
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If you favorite or download something from my gallery, it would be very much appreciated if you also would leave a comment. Thank you! :icondummylaplz:


PopPoPop by m0nica PopPoPop :iconm0nica:m0nica 150 20 Pencil Frames I by GrayscaleStock Pencil Frames I :icongrayscalestock:GrayscaleStock 193 12 Free Vintage Border Frames Brushes Vectors Clipart by starsunflowerstudio Free Vintage Border Frames Brushes Vectors Clipart :iconstarsunflowerstudio:starsunflowerstudio 101 0 Corners photoshop brushes by AmeliaLune Corners photoshop brushes :iconamelialune:AmeliaLune 274 39 Technetronic Brush Set by Wizard-Studios Technetronic Brush Set :iconwizard-studios:Wizard-Studios 330 56 SS Frame - Corner  Brushes by Eterea86 SS Frame - Corner Brushes :iconeterea86:Eterea86 418 87 Grunge Border Brushes by vamp-kiss Grunge Border Brushes :iconvamp-kiss:vamp-kiss 91 15 Grungey Text Icon Border Brush by liminalstate Grungey Text Icon Border Brush :iconliminalstate:liminalstate 172 26 Full Tech Border Brushes 1.0 by DeathPeace Full Tech Border Brushes 1.0 :icondeathpeace:DeathPeace 249 18 Tree Borders III by midnightstouch Tree Borders III :iconmidnightstouch:midnightstouch 3,080 1,069 Border Brush 3 by wantingtobreakfree Border Brush 3 :iconwantingtobreakfree:wantingtobreakfree 847 65 Dr. Doom on his Segway by KahunaBlair Dr. Doom on his Segway :iconkahunablair:KahunaBlair 10 3 Doctor Doom by MaliciousDeath Doctor Doom :iconmaliciousdeath:MaliciousDeath 7 0  Doctor Doom  by WiL-Woods Doctor Doom :iconwil-woods:WiL-Woods 115 7 DOOM by stokesbook DOOM :iconstokesbook:stokesbook 61 3 Dr. Doom by fernandogoni Dr. Doom :iconfernandogoni:fernandogoni 143 13


Nightmare by Ninjacompany Nightmare :iconninjacompany:Ninjacompany 129 26


I really don't even know anymore, I just don't. I just want this to finish and end. I probably failed my math class (just barely) which means that I only have 9 hours out of the 12 I need to get TOPS back (I'm on probation or something for that already). My mom is a prime candidate for a heart attack, I probably gained a shit ton of pounds from starving myself at school and then gorging on fatty things to make myself feel better. I’m in the TF2 fandom and I don’t even enjoy rping as Spy anymore, I have five muses and I have no muse for any of them, I have five rp accounts and I don’t rp on any of them. I don’t find enjoyment of this anymore. I’m in college and I’ve already failed a class in my first semester (a year ago), got put in Honors probation a semseter ago and then dropped out of Honors completely, probably failed my math class this semester, I’m not going to graduate in four years because i’m not even getting 12 hours a semester, and I have Spanish and Biology that I haven’t even touched yet (both subjects which are extremely hard for me). Just a few minutes ago I asked my dad to turn a light off and he got mad about something I did and it snowballed and I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’m crying and highly upset; even if I do manage to graduate in under ten years, English majors don’t get jobs, there isn’t anything out there for us. I’m probably going to die in a ditch before I’m thirty and that is what I have to look forward to.

I have work on monday (7 and a half hours!!!!) and wednesday (6 hours), neither of which I am emotionally ready for. I’m short, fat, my parents are old and I’m probably going to lose them within twenty years or so, right when most kids’ parents are just getting into the age my parents are now. I just realized my parents do not care about me at all, they just care about how I look to other people. They are thinking of putting me out, knowing damn well that I have literally no other place to go to. I am highly upset and crying right now and the last thing they are thinking of is comforting me. TL;DR: TF2 is the only thing I have going for me right now, I like working in a team that I’m emotionally connected to because it makes me feel somewhat ok, but other than that I’m just going to die in a ditch one day. I am just done, and I want this to end.


Ink Blot
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hmm...I really like the older slasher movies, specifically A Nightmare on Elm Street; I also have a very strong fandom for 'The Phantom of the Opera'.

I cant draw anything except a stick figure to save my life. :iconstickfigureplz: XD Really. ^^;

I DO take requests, but ONLY if I can do it digitally, a.k.a. if I can make it on the computer, and it's a demotivator or something I can make on…. ^^; Sorry, my artistic skills are limited, but VERY strong where I can do it.

I LOVE to rp (roleplay); slasher roleplays and/or using my own characters are my favorite type.

Do NOT tell an insomniac, like me, that you are tired. We wrote the BOOK on exhaustion!

The FUNNIEST video on Youtube:…


Current Residence: Paris Opera House (not really XD)
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Adult small
Favourite genre of music: Pop Rock/Punk Rock/Alternative
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Skin of choice: Any Erik (Phantom) skins
Favourite cartoon character: Gir from Invader ZIM
Personal Quote: "How long has it been since you've been on Elm Street?"



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