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C: yokaiying by nemurou2 C: yokaiying :iconnemurou2:nemurou2 174 0 Monarch of mexico full body paint by ARTSIE-FARTSIE-PAINT Monarch of mexico full body paint :iconartsie-fartsie-paint:ARTSIE-FARTSIE-PAINT 140 15 Neobarok :: Homunculus by hypnothalamus Neobarok :: Homunculus :iconhypnothalamus:hypnothalamus 103 5 - Slavic goddess - Mara - by Losenko - Slavic goddess - Mara - :iconlosenko:Losenko 167 6 Unguo by DiSmeCha Unguo :icondismecha:DiSmeCha 78 7
Rin Matsuoka x Reader - The Possessive Shark
{i heard you’re a player
well nice to meet you, im the coach}
You ran even faster than before - thanking soccer and track season for making your stamina peak, and being able to run long distances in remarkable time. You knew he would continue coming, you knew he would keep finding you; but that’s what it all was, a game of hide and seek.
“(F/n), come out and play!” His voice rings out, and you knew he was getting closer; you quickly sprint past the tennis court, your lunch pack in hand. You maneuvered around people as best as you could, getting amused looks from others as they watch Rin chase after you.
You knew they thought that it was cute, your relationship with him - or, whatever it is that you two have. He never flat-out asked you to be his girlfriend, or even go out with him; no, he just made it very clear that he was dead-set on having you. You never understood why, seeing as the two of you just tried to piss each other off.
:iconcronusamporaswifey:CronusAmporasWifey 941 127
His Angel Chpt. 3
After a while you finally finished your business with your Uncle, and said good-bye.  At the moment you, and Kathryn were heading back to the manor. You both hopped into a carriage, and were on your way.
About half an hour later you finally arrived. When you stepped out of the carriage your other maid Maria was there to greet you.
"Welcome back Mistress!"  You gave her a small smile, and proceeded to enter the manor.  Just like Kathryn the other servants have been with you as long as you could remember. They were alot like family to you.
"Uh, Mistress are you alright?" I turn my head. Maria was giving you a worried look. You nodded at her.
"Yes. I'm fine." You continued to walk down the halls. You paused, as you could of sworn you heard running from down the hall. You gave a quick gaze back at Maria and Kathryn who just shrugged. You rolled your eyes, and continued walking towards your room with the two maids following behind.
"Would you like some tea, mistre
:iconkayla-greyfanfics:Kayla-Greyfanfics 123 37
The Fox and The Hound-Ciel x Reader-Chapter 12
The Fox and The Hound
Chapter 12
The Fox, Having Fun
(One choice/other choice)
"Time to wake up, my mistress. I have coffee brewed with cream on the side, or chocolate milk with chunks of the Funtom chocolate within, which would you prefer?"
Well he isn't bitter at all.
"Coffee Aiden, please,"
(Even if I didn't like coffee,) I slurped the oily drink sip by sip, taking in it's taste. I (shivered with delight/cringed with distaste) as I slurped down the last few drops from the tiny teacup.
Aiden had come to wake me up as he is expected, but he did it so harshly. The horrid sound of metal on metal when the curtains drew back is what awoke me.
"More breakfast awaits you downstairs, but first, I would like to request am audience with my mistress,"
I looked at him suspiciously and removed my bandage, "you are free to speak, but don't you dare touch or hurt me."
He bows in understanding and goes to close the door calmly. His expression when he turned back wasn't so calm.
"The Earl of Phantomh
:iconlostbiebergirl:lostbiebergirl 92 71
Mature content
Etoile | Ciel Phantomhive x Reader :iconxxsilveretterosexx:xXSilveretteRoseXx 331 159
Ways To Make Her Shut Up (Amaimon x Reader)
Amaimon never seemed to care about what you had to say. Not even when it was something important (hey, the fact that you leveled up your favorite pokemon in your pokemon game is important!).
He always seemed to shut you up in the most strangest ways though. Sometimes he would stuff a pillow into your face and walk away, or say something out of the blue, and while you stood there confused, he'd take his leave.  But the most common way the lollipop-addicted boy saved his poor ears from being brutally talked off was taking the lollipop he had been sucking on, and shoving it into your mouth while it was open.
Most people might find that pretty adorable, but not you. The fact that he rarely listened to you frustrated you beyond belief, and also.. made you feel quite dejected. Though you constantly denied it, you did happen to find the green-haired demon, dare you say, attractive?
You'd never tell him though. Oh good heavens no, you could only imagine how he'd react
:iconeatmysconesbetch:EatMySconesBetch 562 87
Panties, Swords, and Flowers(Rin Okumura x Reader)
    You wet your lips, silently steaming. That pig headed, egotistical, elf-eared, dumb ass! You'd ring his neck if it was the last thing you'd do. You peevishly glared at the chalkboard, refusing to even look at him. Rin Okumura was going to pay.
    Rin, on the other hand, was equally pissed, for he saw the situation differently. You got him in trouble! If he was going to be scolded, he could get there all on his own, thank you. You were so nosey! That (Name) (Last) was a know it all.
    Yukio looked over his classroom with a weighted sigh. Those two had to be separated. Again. It was usually for a multitude of reasons. Rin copied (Name)'s test answers, (Name) would purposefully prove him wrong in conversation, and they both couldn't resist digging into each other (even for the smallest of faults). The young teacher was at his wits end. Even with Rin seated with Shiemi on the west end of the room, and (Name) paired with Izumo on the east,
:iconnumbuh1000:Numbuh1000 740 93
Is That a... Nurse Costume? (Yukio x Nurse!Reader)
"Ne, ne! Yukio  look! I'm wearing a nurse's outfit!" You laughed, twirling in a circle. He hummed and placed his pencil down and turned to look at you. He froze. Shura was standing next to you.
"So. Whatcha think of your girlfriend, Yukio?" Shura smirked, folding her arms and resting them on your head. You smiled brightly.
"T-take that off, (y/n)." He blushed, turning away. Of course Shura picked the smallest size. Last time, she purposely shrunk all of your uniforms and placed her right in front for his desk. So he could look at you. 
His girlfriend pouted. "But Yukio-chan!" She sniffled.
"Yeah, Yukio-chan." Shura mocked. "She offered to do this." 
He spun around. "What?" His sweet, innocent girlfriend offered to wear a sinful attire. What?
She nodded enthuastically. "Yup! Shura-san helped me. Thank you!" She turned around and bowed, not realizing she was giving a panty shot to her boyfriend. 
He sputtered and fell out of his seat, his face red a
:iconsushi-yukio:Sushi-Yukio 543 183
Lollipop Switch
You hummed, sucking on your lollipop, swinging your shopping bag. You bought a lot of lollipops. Dum-Dums, to be exact. They tasted good and they were really cheap. 
They were cheap.
On sale.
And you had coupons. You were such a smart shopper.
You were currently walking home on the route you took every day. You went to the cram school and you were pretty good friends with Shiemi-chan. You didn't really talk to anyone else except she or her friends, the Okumura twins. 
You continued to hum and pulled out another loli. It was your favorite flavor.
You unwrapped it and placed it on your tongue and pocketed the wrapper. You continued to walk normally.
You looked up and saw two people a few yards ahead of you. One was wearing a white cape and hat. He held a parasol. The other one had a spike on his head and had a maroon coat. The guy with the spike seemed to be searching his pockets for something.
You walked closer and realized the man in white was the school's director, Mephisto
:iconsushi-yukio:Sushi-Yukio 129 12
Lace and Ribbon Divider by Megane-Megami Lace and Ribbon Divider :iconmegane-megami:Megane-Megami 843 111 Happy and Carla by Randomgal27 Happy and Carla :iconrandomgal27:Randomgal27 2 1



I was unhappy, always worrying if I was good enough for you.....I regret every moment of worry and changing for you.
You did nothing but replace me for someone new.....causing me to feel like nothing, I was the eraser and you were the pencil making the mistakes and I was always there to erase them and forgive.
I'm done changing for you, I see a happier future without you. We'll both go our separate ways with no'll keep replacing someone with someone else, and I'll move on.....


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I not going to lie to whoever is reading this....I was a weeaboo when I made this account so pleased ignore all of that, but I am still a fan of anime and fanfction.


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