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Sonic and the Black Knight

The Tokyo Game Show trailer of Sonic and the Black Knight was so awesome, it inspired me to make this picture! : )

Rarely do I ever add actual scenery/backgrounds to any of my works, because, well... I'm horrible at drawing them. X[ I tried to make it look like the logo image on Sega of Japan's SATBK website. Blending a few patterns together and adding some lighting/shading effects, I managed to pull it off for once!! : )

I love giving Sonic unusual poses~ ENJOY!!

And if you want to see this image before the heavy lighting edit, here it is: [link]
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I remember playing this game. ^^
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The knight kneels down, awaiting his orders. He looks so stern and prepared to go off into battle with his trusty sword by his side. Nice work. :)
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Awesome! :yourocksonicplz:
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What an OUTSTANDING, AMAZING PICTURE!! :iconiloveitplz: Seriously, AMAZING STUFF!! :iconexcitedblushplz: Sonic looks EPIC, he looks ready for battle, and the picture itself is AWESOME!! :iconiloveitplz: All the shading and ton, BRILLIANT!! :iconyourocksonicplz: I really see no fault in this at all!! :icongreatjobplz: WELL DONE, AND KEEP UP THE AMAZING, INSPIRING WORK!! :iconnawwplz: :iconcaliburnplz:
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awesome cool detail
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Will you make more from Sonic and the Black Knight?

I love those pictures <3
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Sonic is king Arthur.
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No he's not,

He's the one who has to defeat king Arthur.
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But at the end of sonic and the black knight, everyone proclaimed sonic to be the one true king arther.
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Thanks for ruining my game XD
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Oh I'm sorry. I thought you already knew the story.
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It doesnt matter,

I'm in the part where I have to fight the dark queen ;D

Though, I still cant defeat her..
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Okay I feel better now. Good luck beating her.
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