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How Could I Be So Naive?
I turn away
I look away
I told you I can't stay
I know your blood is on my hands
For breaking your heart
For the fear of letting you down
For the fear of not being there for you
I know time has passed
And you had a change of heart
I needed time to think things through
To find my true feelings
Blinded by frustration
I didn't think it could work
Your fears of me letting you go
The thought of me loosing you
Brings tears to my eyes
Now you tell me it won't work
I know what I said
And I know it wasn't miss leading
I felt like you judged me
I felt like you despised me
I felt like you thought I was judging you
I felt like you thought I seen the worst in you
The noise so loud
The sound of my heart beating
These tears drowning my heart
I needed time get my feelings and thoughts together
Once and twice and now I know what I feel
I can't deny it, I can't just let go
I can't just deny you or let you go
I've apologized but was never recognized
I see your point of view
But you were blindsided by you
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I'm thankful to have you in my life
I'm thankful I had you then
I'm thankful to have you in the future
I couldn't move forward if I wasn't grateful
All the love in my life so overwhelming
If you leave you'll always be there
Time what a concept
Fiction or nonfiction are we even here?
I have gratitude for everything in my life
I'm glad to wake up and see the sun shine
The beauty makes me fall from cloud nine
The rain that washes the dirt away
I'm ready to wash away everything negative
Everything in my life seems so repetitive
I'm thankful I am true to myself
I'm thankful I can express my feelings
I'm thankful I am my own being
I give thanks to all the pain in my life
For I am who I am
For it is who I was
And will help me grow positively
To create who I will become
Tragedy always opens up my eyes
To see false reality
To see the lies around me
To wake up and truly be me
If I did not live a day to become a better person
What's the reason to live
I want to grow so much
I want my spirit to gl
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The Lavender Chrysanthemum
I know its the wrong time to say this
I know its the wrong time to confess this
I know its the wrong time to reveal this
This  is so wrong
I know you were promised...
Promised a life full of love
Hollywood the death of you
Forever you will be loved
Like i said i promised
A celebration
To your life and love
You look familiar
You share the same astrology
You share the same numerology as me
Your like a brother to me
Your love your light
Your energy will alway be with me
Join the party
Join the celebration
What are you waiting for
For the party of  life
Dance with me
In celebration
The dance of your life
Time goes by so quickly
But your time has gone so quickly
Waiting for you
Holding back time
To talk
To hold
To love
To call you
To call you a friend
You can change the future
I love you a soul
As a human being
Madonna said
If its bitter at the begging
It's sweater in the end
For you I'm sorry
Sorry for not being there for when you need me
I know your saying don't s
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Hawaiian Sunrise
You don't have to apologize to me
I know you have your reasons
Reasons to have a broken heart
A frozen heart
A heart like shattered icicles
We've all lived cold pasts
We've all had broken hearts
We've all seen pain
We've all seen love with no gain
Be in the moment we live in right now
Look at the horizon
Let the sun rise
Realize your the sunrise in my horizon
Don't think of the sunset
Don't think of the snow falling like tears
Don't be scared of your fears
Your like a hawaiian sunset
Cant you see the light
Cant you see your lighting up my life
I want you to hold me
I want you to make me laugh
I want to see us smile
I want to hold you
I want to make you laugh
Your beautiful in every way
Your an amazing person
No matter what they say
Don't let your broken heart get in the way
So what do you say
Close your eyes and let me kiss you
If your wondering why my eyes are open
I just want to see you
I've waited too long to speak to you
Don't end this with regret
I never want to hurt you
I never w
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Mature content
Pornographic Prostitute :iconiheardavoice:iheardavoice 0 0
This Devil Growing On Me
This black heart
Bleeding dark inside me
Is this infectious or is this spontaneous?
These colors within my soul vibrant
Will they neutralize and create grey
This disease inside me
Infectious or discrete
Love me for who I am
Skin on skin
Is this a sin
I pay for my actions
Is this redemption?
Mother Monster
Jesus Christ
What are you to me?
Do I mean anything?
Mother nature
This infectious disease inside me
Cure me...
Do I deserve this
Or do I deserve bliss
Greed... Deception
Love... Lust
Show me the true colors of my feelings
Yellow red orange green
What is the meaning of my being?
The dark in my soul
Cure the soil
These roots of my tree
Leave me to decay
Or the fire re-spark
This earth... Mother Earth
You are my home
Why did u create this disease growing on me
Shall I shake it off...
Shall I set my soul free...
Mother Monster
The fashion inside me
The beauty I betray
Shall I dismay?
I'm damned in the dark
Relighting this spark
Inside me unite
Inside me
Love me you might
The devil inside
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Dear Anthony
I want to be
I want to be the knight in shinning armor
I want to take you away
Take you away from this life, horror
I want to love you...
Love you 'til I die
Please don't be...
The one to say goodbye
I want to take the pain away
I wish my love could numb the pain
This I promise will be the last I say
Our love is written in the stars
Clouds are my thoughts of you
This poem for you, the best I could do
My heart, when I think of you...
When I think of you, skips a beat
I wish I could take all your heartbreak
Take it away, as I may
I wish I could dry your tears
Through away your fears
Take it away, as I may
Never shall you be alone
Together we shall stand
Alone, in the sand
Walk with me to the sunset
Together to the end
Everlasting, just how we met
You give me the meaning of freedom
An everlasting love
But when I'm with you, my soul is free
So what do you say?
Take my hand
Fallow me down a different path
Together we'll pray
Together we'll stand
I wish I could take all your heartbreak
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Find Your Jesus by iheardavoice
Mature content
Find Your Jesus :iconiheardavoice:iheardavoice 0 0
Show Me Your Teeth by iheardavoice
Mature content
Show Me Your Teeth :iconiheardavoice:iheardavoice 1 0
Dance In The Dark by iheardavoice Dance In The Dark :iconiheardavoice:iheardavoice 5 0 Monster by iheardavoice Monster :iconiheardavoice:iheardavoice 0 0 Fashion 2 by iheardavoice Fashion 2 :iconiheardavoice:iheardavoice 0 0 Reloaded by iheardavoice Reloaded :iconiheardavoice:iheardavoice 0 0
Strawberry Blonde Boy
I look into your eyes
And I see myself 5 years ago
Wanting to hold you
In your arms
I see stars in your eyes
When I touch you
I can't let go
I won't let go
If the world ended
In the end I want to love you
I'll be waiting for you
So love me, hold me
I've seen all the pain in the world
And I know I'm in love
Boy never let go
I know we'll never grow old
Don't shed that tear boy
I feel your pain miles away
I'll act coy
I don't know what to say
I've never felt this way
A fire burns in my heart for you
Open up your eye
If you may
This love forever
All the time we've spent
I have to say...
I've never been so happy
Boy fireworks fly out of us
When we touch each other
I'm crying, I don't want to see you smothered...
Boy we're flying
I haven't written on paper for so long
I love being in your arms, so strong
Are you blind?
Don't you see the chemistry
My heart has fallen
Like the red, yellow, orange leaves on this tree
Love me forever
Never shed a tear
Hold me, we'll fight our fears
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My Lady GaGa Halloween Costume by iheardavoice My Lady GaGa Halloween Costume :iconiheardavoice:iheardavoice 2 0 Bad Romance by iheardavoice Bad Romance :iconiheardavoice:iheardavoice 1 0

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