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Scribbles: Guilt

So...I was drawing this tower and it was boring so I asked my friend Steve, "What should I do with it?" and he said, "Draw a ghost ship."
So I drew a ghost ship. But it was still So I was like, "Now what?" and he said, "Draw a girl falling to her death... or jumping." But then we needed a reason.
The both of us decided that she smothered her kid brother when she was a child out of jealousy because the new baby was getting all of the attention. As the years progress, she gets older and watches her mother deteriorate after finding her child smothered. So, she commits suicide because of the guilt building in her soul for not only killing that child, but simultaneously destroying her mother and father. And now the ghost ship is coming to take her soul to hellll.

Hey! She defenestrated herself! I love that word.
Smile! :]
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I like this. It is also depressing. The moral of this story? Don't kill babies because then you die.
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That is EXACTLY what the moral is.
I am glad you like it. <3