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Koko Leaflet

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This was my proposal for a leaflet for a party ( actually an r'n'r gig) held by Students Union. Sadly they picked somebody else's one. At least I made something cool and enjoyed working on it :D


I've just received an e-mail that says this design got accepted :) it just took them some more time than usual to e-mail me :D
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OMG! i go to this club quite alot >.< It seems so weird seing something so 'local' for me on DA! Amazing poster, looks like ones i've seen in clubs so deff should have been used!! :D
IHaveSeenTheRain's avatar
haha, that's so cool :) I'm glad that someone 'local' likes it :D
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cool design. perhaps you were success t o attract many people to come to the party using this design. if i was there i wanna ask u to gimme the leaflet. i really wanna :+fav: this , but the "f" word u use in it has stopped me for fav-ing your design. too bad. :D anyway good job.
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nice concept! like the composition and color!
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I would go. =)
My favorite part of this is your color choice. Nice style. ^_^
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This would have been my choice, it's really cool. I would have kept the gaps between the background tiles visible though, and the text out off the snickers, but this has youth written all over it. Not so sure about party, most people associate colors with that one, but cool idea :D
IHaveSeenTheRain's avatar
Thanks for the tips, maybe they'll get me the next one to be picked :D
Dragosd2000's avatar
Good luck :D And by colors I didn't meant bright shinny colors, just not black and white or sepia, a nice contrast works, you get what I mean :D
IHaveSeenTheRain's avatar
yeah,yeah, I do :) I think the reason why I didn't include many colours was that it was a rock'n'roll gig, but now when I think about it , lack of colour might have been the reason why it wasn't picked XD
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Rock'n roll makes me think of bright green with some dark red, and some blue mixed up in there xD
IHaveSeenTheRain's avatar
I'll keep that on my mind for the next time :D
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For what it's worth, I TOTALLY would've picked this one! xD
IHaveSeenTheRain's avatar
aww , thank you :) also your avatar is freaking adorable ^^
rubybluesmoke's avatar
Awwe! Fank you!! :meow:
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