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Tonari no Totoro Wallpaper 1

Completly restored 'Tonari no Totoro' to FullHD wallpaper.
Used Photoshop CS5 with some cool Plugins, hands, brain and about free five hours.

Comparsion beetwen Original Scan and restored image available here:
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1920x1080px 1.41 MB
© 2010 - 2022 ihateyouare
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ah yes. A Longhorn Days User Picture for Kelly.
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One of my very favourite movies. 
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私は新しい壁紙を持っている :3
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Wow, although the link to compare the two didn't work, I'm sure the restoration is amazing, just look at that quality. I love you, dA, you let me find things like this.
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That wallpapper is adorable. It looks so life like. Good job :)
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haha i remember this!! such a weird film :D
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so cute, and i love this movie!
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OMG So wonderful!
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I love hayao miyazaki's work... this is such a cute picture>.<
good pick!
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I wish i can go fishing with Totoro the picture look's great :)
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Downloaded...and made as my wallpaper.

You are god. XD
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wow i love it! what brushes did you use? i'm having major troubles with the brushes on photoshop cs5! but i'm way going to use this!! thanks! :D
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oh, standard round soft brush )
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I don't wanna sound like a killjoy or anything, but isn't "restoring" and posting already created copyrighted artwork kinda against the rules? I mean, you didn't draw this, you said you took it from a scan... even if you touched it up, it's still not technically YOUR work if you know what I mean...
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убейся об стену, кретин правоборствующий. если тебе не доставляет тот факт, что я отреставрировал картинку и выложил ее, чтоб люди пользовались, то можешь смело гулять дальше по своим делам и впредь не заглядывать в мой профиль.
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Wow. Thanks for the threats. It doesn't matter if you "restored" it or not, you didn't make the original piece and you don't have permission to post it. It's as simple as that.
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