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:iconihashershey270:Ihashershey270 posted a status
So, i made a poem not to long ago, and I'd like to share it with you. It's Called "Butterfly": Don't die a butterfly. Just a bug only loved by it's beauty. It's thin wings, crushed by words and actions. Before it was beautiful, just a weird caterpillar, eating leaves and sitting on branches. Only a bug until it grows. But, maybe it will never grow. Maybe it will never just follow the stereotypes or the rules. What to do, what to say.. soon enough it can't handle the pressure or else.. It's broken.. No one cares. Just an annoying caterpillar, a simple bug like every other. Or a butterfly, a beauty, crushed by it's own world. No one to give a care. Just going on with their daily lives despite one more loss in the world.

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