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Zegoe for Conky

Yes, it's the zune font :P

See it in action: [link]
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How to add To Do ?
Very nice! Thank you much!
Ola, como faço pra deixar a penas a primeira letra do dia da semana em maiúsculo... se eu usar uppercase yes o texto inteiro fica maiúsculo.... desde já, Grato.
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Very nice! Thank you much!
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Love it. What theme is that your using on Ubuntu?
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Wow! I like this simple style!
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thanks, nice job, man!
how can i install it :( i have conky
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go to your home folder. hit ctrl+h to view hidden files. Open .conkyrc an replace the text with the text from the concyrc in the download. Then install the fonts by placing them in the .fonts folder (also located in home)
thanks a lot :)
how can i install it :(
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I reinstalled conky just for getting this skin, really good, thanks !
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how do you get the to do list to work?
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you open the .concyrc file, scroll down to the appropriate section (should be labeled and easy to find) and type in whatever you want. Then just save. You may have to restart the program.
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how i install this conky setup, im new in ubuntu!!
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does conky work only for ubuntu?
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Do you want it for windows? Or some other linux distribution? It doesn't work on windows but you can install it just fine on other linux distros.
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hot, I installed conky just because of this config.
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Is great!!!, works but i am having some troubles, looks like i need some scripts, conky doesn't show my battery power, and 'to do' list doesn't work(or i need to modify it from the config file?), and other issues... what is your recomendation?
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