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Been working on this one for a while. I'm pleased on how it turned out. Let me know what you guys think ;)

See it in action here: [link]

Would go well with a dark gtk theme. In the screenshot I'm using a theme called "spacedust".

Some people seem to be having problems...
If the frame isnt straight or if theres a floating strip of pixels above the titlebar:
go to the edit themes tab and make sure that the "minimum titlebar height is 14. On the frame/shadows tab under frame borders top should be 4 and bottom should be 3.
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Can you explain me how yoou creat this border theme ? thank.

sorry for my english
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very elegant and minimal.
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What theme do i need for this gtk?
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This is emerald not GTK. You can use whatever GTK theme you want with this. I suggest the "spacedust" GTK theme. Search for it here on dA
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i am kinda new to ubuntu, just install is yesterday but I wanna know how to install the theme? I got the latest Ubuntu.
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Just go to the software center. search for emerald and install it. Open the manager (Sys>prefs>emerald theme manager) and click on "import". the just find the file you downloaded (and extracted since its in a .zip) and you're good to go.
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I done all of that! Then what should I do? How to use it? I 'm new to Ubuntu.
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type: emerald --replace

then: press enter.
What icons do you use in this shot?
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I believe it was called "fluxstark" Or are you talking about the dock icons? Those are just a radom assortment of icons.
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<ub>awesomes ! can you do it on truetransparency ?
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TrueTransparency is a freeware that changes the windows border adding png support and so true transparency . [link]

example : [link]
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Can you share GTK and panel theme also?
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GTK I used in the screenshot is called specedust. I found it here on dA. The panel is just a gradient its easy to DIY in GIMP.
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Very nice, I'll have to use it when I get my Linux box up and running. :D
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will there be a xfce version?
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awesome man! will this work on Kubuntu 10.04? KDE? or is it only for Gnome?

cheers ;)
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Im not sure if Emerald works in KDE.
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Really?? that sucks... what can i use to theme KDE?
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Emerald should work in KDE.
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this is amazing work!
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how to remove this bar?
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