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Elementary OS

Just installed Elementary OS Luna. Have been wanting to try it for a while but haven't had the time. I'm pleased that the linux community is putting more emphasis on design. This distro still needs a little bit of work but I was surprised at how polished it is. Didn't tweak much from the default settings. Changed a few font sizes and the window decoration theme (borderless).
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What font modifications did you make?
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how to get that search option ?
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Verry nice! BTW what video player and skin it is? ^^
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Its a player called Audience. developed by the people at eOS. No skin.
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Source on the stormtrooper pic, please? :)
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Finally a Distro a Designer can like. Switched all my PCs to ElementaryOS practically over night. 100% Windows Free. Hell yea!
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Been using eOS for a couple weeks now. Big fan.
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How can I get that window decorator?
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1. Install elementary tweak (…
2. Download the theme file:…
3. Extract to usr/share/themes or home/.themes
4. Go to system settings> Tweaks and it should appear under "Window Decorations" 
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Thanks ^_^!!
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I think that autor to change position of button on theme. I think that it is the elementary default theme.
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Yes it pretty much is, just doesnt have the 1px border surrounding the windows.
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