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Shot for March 2010:
I couldn't sleep last night and I was bored. So in my fit of insomnia I spiced up my desktop with a new wallpaper (custom made - borrowed the texture from [link]), a new emerald theme (also custom made), and a new dock with new icons ([link]). The dock itself is actually incorporated into the wallpaper.
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Hi C. You got me intrested in the dock. Could you elaborate a bit?
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Zachary Quinto! :la:

Very nice setup :clap:
very beautiful desktop, could you please tell me the name of the widget u use for displaying the clock and the itunes mini player?
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This is Linux...Clock is displayed using Conky. Music Widget is displayed using covergloobus.
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What a great look to your desktop. Very sophisticated. Would you mind sharing the hard drive icon that you are using? It is beautiful. Thanks ahead of time.
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i really like this wallpaper.. could you share it please?
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this is the best, man! uou!
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btw it's amazing :)
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thanks :) I am afraid that I was unable to create a AWN theme for this. I had to use the bg trick.
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it's posibble to make awn themes file from this?
Hi, great job dude.

Could you upload the wallpaper?? Cause I go to the link that you said but there was not the same wallpaper that you use here
Thanks iHackr.

One more question: you add the rectangule in the wallpaper or is a config of the AWN?

Sory for the questions, but I like so much your desktop
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Its part of the wallpaper
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really nice .. !
which dock?
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nice colors, bravo !
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What dock do you use ?
Cairo, Awn ?
I'm new ubuntu's user
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I wanna something like :/
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Very Wonderful desktop :clap:

the name of GTK Theme?
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