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I know I just posted a few days ago but I couldnt skip this shot. It was all inspired by FolterX's ffox start page [link] :P. Heres my new desk featuring a new conky, emerald, and of course - Will Smith in "i, Robot" :D

GTK: Spacedust
Wall: Listen & feel
ffox start: [link]
Conky: by me

Let me know what you think ;)

UPDATE: Emerald & conky now available for download! [link]
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I need to know where you got those icons!!! and What's conky? Everything else I know how to do :)
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Icons [link]

Conky is the system stats sidebar thing. Install it via synaptic or terminal then add the rc file to your home directory. Make sure its named ".conkyrc" (without the quotations)
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What window manager theme is it? Is there a port for xfce?
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Window borders are drawn by emerald. And sorry no, I dont use xfce :(
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Great conky. Gives me some inspiration.

*goes off tinkering*
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Looks wonderful! (:
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Very nicely done. Screenshots like this make me wanna get a Widescreen monitor. I can't achieve this Look on a 4:3.. Anyway Good job!
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Thanks :) I just wish I had a higher res screen. 1280x800 is good for a laptop though. I may get an external monitor when I get the money.
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Te quedo muy bueno el escritorio ;)
El conky tambien excelente, la config la compartirias?

Saludos :)

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Conky will be released later on as well. I'm not quite done with it ;)
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Gracias, esperamos entonses la liberacion. Saludos
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Heres the release you asked for :) [link]
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gracias amigo por el trabajo ;)
quedo excelente. Saludos :)
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great setup

will be featured on
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