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BOX - Conky Config

You asked for it... Couldn't come up with a fancy name so I aptly named it "BOX". Enjoy :)
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not working , why u don't upload the lua.lua file ??

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It looks like Malice Tab
Someone can render the transparency of the dark background, it always bright at home ?
Nice! Need to see wi=fi up & down!?
   Thanks, Joe
is there any way to make the "box" larger?
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Cool, I like it
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rather weird on using this conky config, I can't get those background images to work. I made sure to change the line that was commented out to the images for

${image /home/<user>/.conky/iamge.jpg}
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Nice! Could you share the config?
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Oops, I didn't see the file; new to deviant art. :(
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reminds me hardly of [link]
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very cool sir
can anybody tell me how to apply that box background? i would very much appreciate that :D
add ${image location/image -p -1,-20 -s 200x360} to the end of the .conkyrc and change border_width to 40

this configuration works with both backgrounds
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Actually BOX is a good name it symbolizes simplicity and minimalism, it's nothing but just BOX, no need for any more.
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Nice men. But an advice, you can load the image with conky. This way is innecesary edit the wallpaper. Good work!!!!
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Very nice, thanks for sharing ;)
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Later I comment. I try with this.
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awesome work
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