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No bond is stronger than the bond between a parent and his mutant child. Not even between your girlfriend, the hot chick across the hall, or even the chubby cheeked girl who dances for you on stage when the radiator starts whistling.

This movie scared the hell out of me. And I never want to date anyone ever again. Especially if mini-chickens are served for dinner. And I'm sorry if I'm outcasting every single person who is looking at this. But you should go watch Eraserhead. that way you can UNDERSTAND! Hell... watch just about anything by David Lynch to understand.

Quick doodle in CS2 with a Wacom tablet. It was originally in color, but the black and white is much more fitting. Maybe 15 minutes, and 3 layers tops. I wasn't going for my magnum opus here, guys.

(Seriously though... what was with the weird dancing chick? Did anyone see this movie? Can anyone explain what purpose she served, or what she was supposed to represent?)
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