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Space candies

and here`s this cosmic theme again. idk if i develop it or just recycle..
character originates from idontevenknowanymore 
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i have no ideas what's happening in the comments but that seems like an useless shitfest to go in...
Listen, I'm tired of this, here's the last of what I have to say say unless you stop so we can just drop this.
This will continue to stress me out if I let it go on, he's been scrapped for plenty of reasons. It's giving me major anxiety trying to reason with you about something so simple, and a matter of respect. I don't want to negotiate about this, as the designer it's a wish anyone would follow with no problem, it's being nice among other things. (You're lucky he's not my character because then it gets illegal) anyone else would stop especially when they'd see how distraught I am about this, and they'd already know if they payed attention to my journals to leave him alone, I'd excuse it if you didn't, but you know better. You saw these yet you still persist because for some reason you favor a unclever design among someone's health, how nice of you. I don't consent to this, and it shouldn't even BE a problem. If it were stopped I'd be totally okay with you but you're persisting way too much and the methods you took to get here were also rude, it doesn't matter if you're scared of me, that just might show you know what you're doing mostly because you turn to sneaky/rudely worded hyperlinks in attempts to not draw attention. Idk why you can't even come up with another design to draw or gift someone else, mine isn't even that clever. And don't complain about being "restricted" about this, ppl can't just do whatever they like and there's plain logic here, to complain about this is really petty, it's a design you're obsessing over whereas for me it's my mental health and there's definitely something more important than the other here, one person wanting something and another being hurt by it.
I will let people know I don't want this if you don't stop, you're looking like a real asshole rn. If you're going to continue to persuade me it'll be useless, do not reply if it's going to be that because its at a point where I'm in dread. stated how I feel about this and you're totally disregarding how someone feels over a fictional character- but more than that, their design that they want to be dropped in sake that they can move the hell on.
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you've waited pretty long to express direct objection until this one picture. seemed fine with previous one. and now suddenly corner me with the crew to speak out everything? you think i`m not engulfed with terror?no, you know how anxious i always am, told you so from the beginning and now it`s getting out of hands indeed.

alright then. if this really costs you nerves, then i`m done as well. i have no blood nor hope left anyway, and don`t want this happen again
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Buddy chum pal amigo friend chum pal im gonna have to ask you to stop diddly darn drawing this diddly got damn character bc i dont understand why such a professional artist is making such a fool of himself. Although the creator might not own the character itself they still own the Design.. Said design has a very toxic background linked to alot of abuse and trauma the creator has gone thru and you STILL draw it despite knowing this like damn petty.
You act like you cant understand why this is such a big deal for the creator yet its too much of a big deal for you to just stop drawing it.
How can you have such an obsession with a fictional character that you just cant stawp dwawing it.. ;w;.
So please with all due respect.
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not expecting understanding here, but art is among my basic needs and pretty much the only thing that feels miningfull. the last hill to die on, if you will. disregarding a subject i choose to dedicate my energy to. it was big enough deal before that.. negotiations.
but now it`s in principal because of this pressure
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How about you do smth better with your life than making this minors trauma character your "basic need". You can draw other things there's literally millions of other things to use but it HAS to be this and you feel obligated to drawing the design despite the horrible things its been involved in and other peoples extreme discomfort. I dont really know what to say bc theres no point in arguing with someone as dense as you are but have fun being an embarrassment!
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Hey, sorry but could you please refrain from further drawing this character? I understand that ypu are free to draw whatever ypu please, but the original creator of this variation of Flowey seems to prefer that it not be produced in any manner. It seems unreasonable to not abide by their wishes as you appear to know and understand that they're no longer comfortable with this character and have been directly told so.
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it's unreasonable only if you completely discount my interests and wishes. and i don`t feel any obligation to align with demands of the mob that doesn`t even considering them.
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Okay fam, well, I tried to be nice but honestly prick right now. I understand you feel attached to this character somehow but honestly you really need to stop before this gets out of hand. It's honestly ridiculous that you're not abiding by the design creators wishes and I really wish you would think about that fact before this grows into a bigger situation.
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first of all I believe you're unaware of the memories/events this character contains for the artist, these arent pleasant memories, why dont you just make your own interpretation of omega flowey and leave this one be? you dont own this design and attention towards it is no longer wanted
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i`m aware of more than i would like to..
and actually have my own redesign of flowey which i occasionally draw as well, you missed it out, probably.
would love to explain a thing about my priorities and values, but it`s proven to be irrelevant for most people.
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if you HAVE your own design of Flowey then bro...draw that and leave this one alone. its literally that simple. this design here is no longer wanted- it is clear that you have no respect for the artist by not abiding to their wishes and respecting their choices with this design. you have made no sort of offers or anything to take this design off their hands- that would have been more generous than to just draw what you want and sneakingly linkin the source to their gallery than just @'ing them
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uuhg, how do i put it..
there`s different niches for different characters. when i`m in a mood for havok and weapons of demolition i use my uberflowey, when it`s time for surreal magic and glamor - olny chubb will make sense. so, here`s that piece of information nobody asked for

as for offering, - it was dismissed. unless you meant something else.
also, if i`ll stop adding link into description i think it still won`t make any difference for you, right?
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my nigga this design aint urs- legit just make ur own anthro flowey thats fat it aint that hard - this creator rly dont want nothin to do with it

and i meant offer as in buy it from them or trade smth like that
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already asked them if i can buy it out as an adopt. they aren`t interested
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then dearie you fightin a losin battle
fr fr
character originated from me dude, + unfollowing and still drawing him after ive whiped away his existence is frankly kinda rude - and not even pinging me but having sneaky link up in ur description instead what
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how is that rude? sure, you whiped all traces(wow, really went out of your way for that..) but why must i be aligned with that?
i left the link instead of pinging to avoid your attention(it`s stressful, and so is your presence), but also to give credit
tho mb DA still messages, ikd

what alternatives whoud you suggest then?
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Sorry to intrude like this, but perhaps it is best to listen to Ghost's wishes? They are the creator of the design after all..
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there`s no way for me to be heard and it is not how agreements are made
Well considering you find my presence intimidating and all anyways, and how this character design is mine + dead, he.. shouldn't of kept being drawn in the first place- that's why you're aligned with this...if its that stressful the answer should be simple;

The weird indirect ping was kind of really disregarding the artist here, ive never seen anyone do this sort of thing thats why it looks rude. Direct communication is more desirable to anyone then continuing to draw their design and sneakily pinging them, after youve unfollowed which adds onto the rudeness, idk why I need to explain myself here as to anyone else it'd be obvious ? 

The solution would be just to find another design to draw, I wiped his existence for a lot of reasons, one regarding his association to abusers, another being I dont want to be known for him because it began to be only thing people looked forwards to me drawing and followed me for, as proved here by you doing this. 
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in fact it's not, associatively the character is completely detached from you. probably because drawing him and interacting with you is polar-opposite kinds of experience, there`s no other way but perceive them separately.

in case you didn`t notice, -  i aint very social on DA and far from knowing all the rules of good manners here. so i did what i consider optimal - spare you from seeing this relict of past of yours, since you hate it so much. tho you still follow me for godknows what reason, i expected it wont work, however, baah..

excuse me, you probably meant design to "upload"? there's no way i stop myself from drawing anything. this solution is unsuitable, i have another idea. can it be possible to buy out the design as an adopt or something? then i would consider to not upload it on DA. yes, i think it`s weird too, but this idea was supported by lots of people i asked for advice, so.

otherwise you know well what to do to not see it.
I still created the design and anyone else would argue otherwise, this is inconsiderate and disrespectful especially when im asking you dude. Itd be easier if you didn't draw him how.. hard is that to comprehend, im not gonna ignore it if someones still drawing a design i associate badly with, still throwing my name out there for it. 

But dude I mean to not draw my DESIGN not in general, im asking to stop drawing what ive created which should be easy especially if you have empathy, specifically, that's taking what ive said far out of context. Im not selling him as an adopt though because he's a character truly owned by someone else, im not gonna profit off of that. But if youre not gonna quit drawing him like i can resort to reporting and such this is kind of easy to solve and ridiculous, as the owner of the design you should respect my requests here. 
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ok since we`re talking about respecting rights, it feels pretty onesided. my rights of self expression aren`t in a count, it seems. how`s that fair?
and you`re not interested in compromises since you've started threatening me into submission, i see.

well, if i have no say in this case, then i won't listen either
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