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Mass Effect 2 Wallpaper 2

By igotgame1075
My rendition of the new Mass Effect 2 boxart. Tried to give it that 80's B-Movie/ Star Wars type vibe.

Took about an 1 1/2 hrs, made exclusively in PS CS 4.

** Please checkout the full resolution version 1920x1080 :heart: :headbang: **
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Love this, finished ME long ago but I still use this.

Could you release the background image part on it's own? I like it also would be cool to use with other characters :)
dude... wow. Love Mass Effect, and I certainly love this. A little voluptuous in the lips, but otherwise, great job.
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I came home and found this as my wallpaper on my pc :D I guess my mom knew I would like it! nice art
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You made this in an hour and 1/2? Pretty impresive.
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Thanks, appreciate it.
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Wow that is really well done I like the vibe it gives good job m8 kiu ;)
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awesome wallpaper and yaaaay it fits my desktop finaly something nice ;)
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This was incredible. Amazing details and focus.
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Thanks! I appreciate it :woohoo:
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Looks like cutscenes from the game is being played..Awesome job man!:wow:
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thanks man, that was my mission :headbang:
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'Then mission accomplished'!Or smthin like that
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Damn! Can't wait for this one to come out.
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