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Straw Hats and the Flying Dutchman

Pirates vs pirates, the Straw Hat pirates from One Piece series fighting the Davy Jones crew from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I started watching OP about a year ago and just today caught up with the newest episodes :)

I'll be posting WIPs and a video of the coloring process on my facebook page, check it out!
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cool what great fight of the strawhats vs the pirates of the caribeen is awesome and fantastic is one great work congartulations friend:D:)

it would be great if the producer of pirate of the carebean will be producing the OP live action movie.

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Go Davy...Before anyone says something ı have a habit of rooting for underdogs.
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Do ye fear Death?
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omg this is soo cool
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Wait so, is Robin even in this, or is it just her extra limbs?
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Nope, just the hands. I planned much less people in the beginning, then added a few more and in the process she was the only one left out :<
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I'VE WAITED MY ENTIRE LIFE TO SEE THIS CROSSOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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amazing work
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Aww yeah. Now that's epic and awesome, on a WHOLE new level. Great stuff man.
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Thanks, I'm glad you like it!
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jeez, this is so intricate and amazing.
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That looks awesome! Great job!
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