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Game Night

By IgorWolski
Powerful people play for high stakes, but the most powerful of them play for everything.

I've been gone from here for a while! Got my profile up to speed with the new dA design and I have some new illustrations to show. Starting with this one, which was a comission for boardgame themed apparel. You can get one here
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For each piece, how long does it take you, from imagining it to sketch to final product?

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cool and funny concept xD
I like the gritty humour and as usual I love your amazing labyrintic details in everything, like the cool decorations on the lady's skirt
(which of course I didn't notice cause I was looking at her butt, it's a coincidence! xD)
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It's amazing how color helps organise the image for our brains. The b&w linework always looks crazy complicated... then the colors almost 'kill' the complexity!
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Haha, true, without color I'm often left with barely comprehensible mess :D

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a dziękuję, dziękuję

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Lord Gwyn playing some tabletop games with Loyce Knights?
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yes, and this is canon now

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Guess this explains why Miyazaki refuses to make Dark Souls 4. All the characters are busy gaming ;D
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Awesome Illustration, thanks for sharing!
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Damn. What kind of game night is this.
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ill take your word for it
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One down, three to go.
The lady better be careful when hebpulls the Matrimonial Move.......a no may have consequences.

Glad to see you return to DA.
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