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Gwasanee|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry for the late reply.
You made me smile :heart:
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FedorableX|Professional General Artist
Thanks for the fave! Feel free to watch for more!
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Nenril-Tf|Student Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fav :)
If you want check out my Gallery for more fan Art, Character Design and Cosplay :D

If you want support me check my RedBubble Profile www.redbubble.com/people/nenri… and leave a like, it is free and it will help a lot :D

PS: I love Avatar the Last Airbender too :D
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No. Not this time. You shall not prevail anymore. This is a war now. This is your third and absolutely last warning. Cease all brigading activity immediately. We have started internet operations against your little sad sub now. You were given warning after warning but chose to not heed these warnings. The harrassment stops here. Your future is in our hands now. No more blind Sean Murray praise, no more Bethesda apologism, no more attacking of pc gamers and no more denying objectivity. You know what? Even before you were given your warnings, The Witcher 3 was a perfect 10. While you were given your warnings, The Witcher 3 was a perfect ten. With this, your last and absolutely final warning the war starts. And yes, you guessed it, The Witcher 3 still stands at a perfect 10 by all reviews internet-wide as of this date. Nothing changed, you had no impact, no one payed any attention to your desperate little cries of attention. Why you ask? Why was this a futile attempt even from the start you ask? Because you cannot debate facts and objectivity. There are millions of true gamers this very second who are prepared to do what it takes to ensure the real gems of the gaming world aren't put to shame. Gamers, that will always, ALWAYS slam game developers from releasing crap. What you are doing is heresy. You are walking up to the Mona Lisa, spitting on it and laughing and calling yourself a comedian. I do not know where you have learned this humor. But it is not funny. It is a disgrace. You will know that by the end of this you will look like mere tools. Gamers, or so you thought you were, you are closer to programmable sheep, that were deceived by the big scam artists in the gaming industry, yes, that is right, you were programmed to buy their every game without ever giving a single thought to what you are buying. You stood there, time in and time out again, gladly swallowing whatever Todd Howard or Sean Murray was offering. And you loved it. It tasted so good, it looked so yummy. How could you not? True gamers see the sheep for what it is. But the sad fact was that you loved this to such an extent that you decided to hate on people who weren't as stupid as you. You took your little hate train and made a stop at some subs. You got some laughs here and there, sure, I can admit that. At times, even /r/gaming seemed to agree with you. After all giving the 5 year old a polite laugh was the right thing to do. You did not know what you were doing or what role you were playing. You were but a mere tool in a chain of humor. But your little piece of shit sorry excuse for a subreddit was starting to crumble at the sides. You were getting too edgy and people swayed the other way and had no patience for you anymore. Soon enough you were alone in a sea of uncertainness, in a sea full of people hating you. But still, you now choose to rock on in your little boat against the tide. But it the end, we knew it was all for nothing. Little did you know that it would end with you drowning in hard cold facts and pure objectivity. Little did you know that there would come games that would change the way people think about gaming so much, make people take it so seriously, that they would throw everything they thought they knew about RPGs out the window and defend their gamer honor WITH ALL THAT WE'VE GOT. The Witcher 3 is that game. The time came. We are here. And you will let it be that game. We do not have to swim around in game worlds so shallow our knee caps are visible. We do not need to open our wallets for rape and let the enemy in. You will not do this anymore. Your time is up. You were conquered. Your brigades were a spectacle, but they are past now. How will we see to that this is upheld you ask? FUTURE BRIGADES WILL NOW BE DEALT WITH SWIFTLY by various internet agencies and groupings, creating a MOTHERFUCKING THUNDERFUCK OF A HAILSTORM OF DOWNVOTES ON YOUR LITTLE CIRCLESHIT SHOULD YOU EVER DECIDE TO BRIGADE AGAIN. Third warning and the absolute last.
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Thanks for the watch.
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YNot1989|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch.
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Thank you for watching!
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