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Modern Masters 2015 Etched Champion

Copyright 2014 Wizards of the Coast LLC
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Dear lord that is good.

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IS REALLY COOL...but...what is?
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I think of ancient Greco-Roman arts and the show "Reboot" at the same time
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Modern Master(piece).
MysticalSkeleton's avatar
Oh, wow! Didn't realize you had done the new art for Etched Champion. Should have known, since you have some great pieces that I always remember when I think of the game. Absolutely fantastic!
Eye_gasm ! *_*
ManWithTheMetalArm's avatar
On of my favorite creatures to play (back when I played MTG) :D
Makaos727's avatar
I've seen this Photo as an Ad on my Facebook page lol
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Draculacard's avatar
reminds of the robot thing from star wars...i don't know much star wars
Debra-Marie's avatar
Reminds me of skyrim!
RoCueto's avatar
Gilded like a druglord's piece.
solid32's avatar
The colours and textures are awesome, looks great!
Jacob-Cross's avatar
This is amazing :D
warrior-of-tzeentch's avatar
Mmm, so pretty, golden, and wonderful.
AngelicAdonis's avatar
Wow, that looks amazing! :D
d-i-g-i-t-i-z-e-d's avatar
You do relive that that thing right there  came from mirroring original but it's nice
UDtheAesir's avatar
That's badass!
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Very cool concept.
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