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April 27, 2012
Elesh by ~IgorKieryluk
Featured by Marcellyne
Suggested by llamablaster
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© 2010 Wizards of the Coast LLC

Print is now available here…
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© 2011 - 2021 IgorKieryluk
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Elesh Norn's design is absolutely beautiful in a sort of grotesque way.

mooncraft3d's avatar

I can't express enough how long this image has haunted me. When I by chance stumbled onto other art of yours, I immediately knew the style and had to check out your gallery in hopes that you were the artists behind the image that haunted me but I could not relocate.

I wanted to say I love this art. You have such a beautiful style that conveys elegance in horror and mystery few others have ever been able to do.

Thank you for sharing your art with us.

PkingSora's avatar
 brought here by hiddentape's feature, brilliant piece, congrats on the DD ;3;
mateusboga's avatar
It's for creatures like this that I love Magic
FriendlyFlame's avatar
She's my baby <3 My friends get so mad when I play her cause it board wipes all their little creatures~
Goatllama's avatar
Did they provide you with the dimensions of her mask for this piece? Or do you know how big it is? I'm asking for cosplay reasons, want to be as accurate as possible. Thanks for any response, and thank you also for creating this truly otherworldly piece of art!
IgorKieryluk's avatar
The lowest point of the head piece is below the hip when she's standing upright.
HAUKKAworks's avatar
Awesome, loving the colors. beautiful
TheDarkHeretic's avatar
Wow, great compilation of colors :O Clap !
which praetor are you  going to be doing next?
Nikopollumero's avatar
Thank you for doing such majestic drawings, years i've been admiring this one.
This is fantastic!!
Henly-Hill's avatar
My absolute favorite card art in Magic! 
alanj67's avatar
Outstanding, that is some imagination.
thelegitraziel11's avatar
hi igor i love your art. if there is another phyrexia block will you be doing any art?
Skerkrou's avatar
disturbingly beautiful :)
iory92's avatar
OMG so dark but so cool!
Maynard1982's avatar
dark, creepy, disturbing...hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BenMaier's avatar
I soooo love this illustration! :heart:
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Mayangold's avatar
proud and graceful
Reilune's avatar
So elegant and beautiful, and yet so dark and gory.. stunning.
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