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Scott Pilgrim - LEVEL UP- New

By IgoR0899
Another wallpaper from Scott Pilgrim Series.
This one is from the 4th Vol of the HQ.
Colored by me in PS CS5.

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© 2010 - 2021 IgoR0899
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You forgot:
Balls +3
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Thats got to be my favorite part of both the books and the movie!
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scott earned the power of love! FINSH HIM!!
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makes perfect sense to me. self respect is the act of self-empowerment and appreciation. [LoVe] is just the irrational, self-destructive impulses people use as an excuse for being illogical and try to mask as joy. so of course our boy Scott would get the bigger level up from the former rather than the latter. lol.
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Love isn't even an impulse. Love is an excuse. I gave up on it when I realized this.

Yeeeaaahhh I'm gonna die alone.
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not buying into the idea of [LoVe] isn't an automatic sentence of 'dying alone' my dude. you have family, you have friends. people who you are close to that doesn't require romantic attraction. this idea that a girlfriend/boyfriend is essential in being a whole or happy person is beyond obtuse. people need to get over that crap. lol
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the power of self respect is better, but nice work all the same. LoL
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I'm still wondering how that works...
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Haha awesome xDD
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This is pretty cool, though I'd like to have a 1920x1080 version, because this way, the bottom line is off :/
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You forgot the "Balls + 2" part.
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Little did everyone know that this level up also unleashed the gates of hell... I'm sorry man. That's just what I see when ever he pulls a sword from out of his chest.
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lol love is pretty strong but apparently self confidence is strong
"scott has earned the power of self-respect!"
awesome pic dude
btw loved teh movie wanna own the comic
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Epic! I love this part! Great Comic, Its a shame they can't continue it. Especially after only 6 volumes
IgoR0899's avatar
yeah, really shame, i love this *-*
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Hey mabey scott will make a cameo appearance in one of Bryan Lee O'Malley's future comics(only time will tell).

I've been putting together a scott pilgrim fan series comic (done in his art style) It revolves around the character I entered in the 8th evil ex contest. I need a good digital artist to do pages. You Intrested? If so PM me.
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Hey, i'm a little bust for a while, but i have have a time left, i can do it :D
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