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Barbaric swords

Early barbaric swords concepts
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Do you have a GIF or video or instructions how you made this. Because they looks so nice! 
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no, sorry( but its simple process actually just use lasso or hard brush for clean silhouette, texture brushes to show materials and make sure lights consistent + use a lot of references to make design believable ;) (Wink)  
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BTW, what kind of texture brushes do you use?
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Might I suggest making the pommel on the "Steel" one a bit more wide?
It is obviously inspired by the Norse Spatha, and if it is intended for the same function, then the pommel should be about even with the guard so that it can be used as a sort of second handle in conjunction with a center-grip round shield.
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Oh, well it was inspired by gallic and other early barbaric swords
And about the pommel yeah it could be bigger and perhaps be used as second handle,
but pommel was mainly for counterweight to make tip faster.
But this kind of swords had lighter handle and pommel, so the center of weight was closer to the tip
it make sword harder to wield but strikes was heavier
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>the pommel was used as a counterweight
No. That is not true in the slightest. It's something that Hollywood made up. That pommel would be made mostly of Wood or bone. Not led or Iron.
This guy knows what he's talking about:…
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Hollywood has nothing to do with this)))
people just like to invent some crazy ideas to look original.
I think all is simple if you want to be able to use both hand - you make longer grip,
if you wont heavy tip - you use light pommel ,
and if you wont smooth thrusting and fast tip - you use conter weight,
and almost all swords through history was kind of balanse between those things.
I dont realy see the point for arguing
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You don't necessarily need to make the grip longer to use it in two hands.
With the Bastard Sword, they made the pommel be the second gripping location.
The "M" type pommel design (on this chart) for the Norse blades is also thought to have had a similar purpose:…

We have no proof for this theory, though it has been tested and found to be plausible.
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I Can Imagine My OC using one of these.
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Cool designs but I think the middle one needs a handguard
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Yeah I know it looks quite weird but those designs (without handguard), was quite popular in bronze age
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Probably because sword fighting wasn't that "refined" yet and bronze swords weren't quite suited for full contact fighting. You see cross guards grow larger with time until they reach late medieval longswords (from where it goes more towards enclosing the entire hand, like basket hilts or rapier guards). Apparently it only got popular to snipe at the hand(s) later on, so they didn't really need it.
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Отличный арт, желаем больше холодного оружия!)
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