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Haaa i just miss them so much XD it's a picture i had in mind for a long time now.. but sga ended before i could make it, i had no more motivation to make any stargate related stuff.. and then i found some old wraith pictures on my harddrive and you know the rest x)

C4D R13 AR + lot of postwork with toshop :)
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Stargate Atlantas?
Soulless-eye's avatar
This is awesome. I love the show and this picture brings back great memories. Thank you for making my week. :hug:
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He gives me the creeps
Soulless-eye's avatar
She....that is a queen wraith... unless you're talking about the corps in front of her....
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les cheveux, c'est du c4d aussi? :3
Ignyte-creative's avatar
Oui, le rendu hair de C4D est pas forcement très réaliste mais quand on gruge un peu les lumières on peu vraiment obtenir des truc cool :)
SaephireArt's avatar
ben, la c'est sympa en tout cas!
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Such an unbelievable awesome work! Creeps the hell out of me!
can totally see Todd in there xD
Amazing as always.
RustyRedux's avatar
Insane!! someday hope to be on you level of awesomeness! Good work!
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L'expression est vraiment sympa....
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She's absolutely beautiful :)
asaenvolk's avatar
I liked Stargate too.
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Intense image you did!

Well done on capturing the creepy look they have and that corps she's holding represents your image perfect.

Great job.
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:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: I miss them too! What a great luck, you're a big fan of the Wraith and keep them alive in such an awesome way!
Oh my, you made here stunningly beautiful, amazing...don't have words to describe it. Can't get my eyes of this picture any more.
I'd love to have such metal-finger-applications for myself. :D
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Stunning, and she looks so very alien too. Amazing job.
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Fantastic work! :clap:
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