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Ulquiorra Schiffer_MAJ

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espada N°4 Ulquiorra Schiffer

2 days of work, 3 hours render and 8 hours postwork

( Photoshop, Cinema4d, vray )

Hope you like it

EDIT : Fixed face / hairs, effects and colors
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Absolutely agree with thee DD-statement, Ulquiorra really would look like this :nod: Perfect job, just amazing. The DD is absolutely deserved :nod:
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WOW! O_O He looks absolutely AMAZING! Really! You did an amazing job! Congratulations. <3 
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I so wanted him to live and be with the red-headed girl. I don't remember her name at the moment. Sorry. 

But I think he looks more haunting here than he did in the anime. 
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Yep. :) Thanks. :)
Raybuggybug's avatar
Same though
That's my OTP from bleach ;u;
jemgirl's avatar
Hahah. Cool. :)

Do you have a drawing of them together? 
Raybuggybug's avatar
Are you asking if I have drawn them? If so, I did a while back lol. I only have like 1 or 2 good ones. I plan on making more soon as I get ideas..
Or are you asking if I know some good drawings of them? |D
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The first one. :) 
Raybuggybug's avatar
I have very few that are worth mentioning
I have ulquihime personality switch.. oh god..  and ulquihime protrait
they're both very old v.v I have others, but those ones are.... questionable... I plan on drawing them soon though. Any ideas?
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This is amazing. Just... how... what... Your talent is overwhelming.
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Absolutely stunning, those eyes. I wish I could do things like this, absolutely gorgeous
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This is by far my favorite Ulquiorra fanart. It is extremely beautiful and wonderfully detailed.
Wow, I don't even...  Wow!

This is so realistic, and well done... and... I really don't know if there is anything to critique on. Maybe the black sclera and black bottom lip? I suppose they were added just for the effect or to make it more realistic. Like I said there's only minor nitpicking I can find to critique.

Only 2 days and 11 hours is a very impressive time-frame (Though I suppose you really meant it when you said days, as in 24-hours of work with minimal pauses and interruptions). Still, this is truly a masterpiece and the detail is just overwhelming. Fully worth being called the deviation of the day.

Kudos to you master Clap 
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you are amazing
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This realistic fanart of Ulquiorra is beautiful. I loved it. Love 
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Amaaaaaaaaaazing La la la la 
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mon mec est fan de personnage il s'identifie a lui 
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wow that amazing!!!!!!!
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impossible to make it better; absolutely outstanding
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I love this..especially the eyes o.o
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