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New artwork based on the W40k univers It's an Ethereal from the TAU empire.

Info > 2 days of work with cinema 4d for the base modeling, Zbrush for sculpting, BP 3d for the texturing and finaly rendered on vray for c4d ( render time 45 min )

Some postwork on Photoshop ( color ajustement and haze )

I'm particularly satisfied with this one, it's a new color traitement and lighting for me.

Hope you like it

Full view better ;)
C&C welcome

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Muy bueno Jonathan, los Etereos son los gandhi de un 40000 milenio lleno de musculosos descerebrados y monstruos deformes. Me gustan los Tau
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The look of it is really cool. Good job!
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You can just see his life experiences etched into his face...far seeing yet still searching...drawn to the Black...Love it!
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The hole in his face has sexual purposes?
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This was posted years ago, but it doesn't matter, I have to express my appreciation. This is amazing! Truly this deviation serves the Greater Good!
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Wonderful details!
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Das ist SO VERDAMMT GUT!!!! Aralten außerirdischen viel?
Bravo!!     Clap 

Well done!
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Great character and render! The textures look fantastic!
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So it was you who did that one? Very nice work!
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"For the greater good"
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Great work I love it.
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Awesome work!
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Wowed by your works, amazing lighting and craftsmanship. Never seen Ethreal this close. Great job. :thumbs up: (even though I am a space wolf fan)
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Amazing work !
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Ah, I knew the spirit of the Greater Good lived within you. :) Beautiful work, although I think something's a little off about the brown sash hanging about his neck. The rest of the cloth looks spot on, but something about that one seems a little odd, like the UVs are warped or something.
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haha x'D i admit i'm a huge TAU fan x'D
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I just started collecting them myself. I'm actually a bit new to 40k, been doing Space Marines up until now, but Tau are so much more fun to paint. And I didn't pick a horrible grey color scheme. Nothing like painting a grey plastic model a slightly different shade of grey to sap your energy.
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haa i love W40k universe.. but more the video game(dow).. even if i enjoy looking to thoose awesome mini they makes :D
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an amazing portrait of an interesting character
I can't tell if that braided hair looks non-human enough
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Holy shit. This is absolutely amazing. I'm a huge Tau fan myself, I'd say you got their aesthetic feel just right.
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