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render : 6 hour, postwork : 2 hour
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Red-ZephyrProfessional Digital Artist
y'a juste un petit soucis au niveau de la fine couche lacrymale de la paupière.
Elles sont face à nous alors quelles doivent suivre le noeil noeil ^^
Ce qui donne une pousse des cils étrange :/
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kkunkittyHobbyist General Artist
This is really good. Love Final Fantasy. :)
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SintikliasimsHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing as always!
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ForsokiHobbyist Digital Artist
Insane 0.0
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cloudPOPHobbyist Traditional Artist
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dadoundyProfessional Digital Artist

Dommage pr son nze qui me semble un peu large et long.
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ShaelynnHobbyist Digital Artist
gorgeous work! :clap:
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frozenrationHobbyist Digital Artist
ça fait toujours plaisir :D
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Wow that's wonderfull! How do you do?
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impressive, i like it a lot, hey do you have think in do a tutorial of how do you do this, i think it will be very useful
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Beaucoup mieux au niveau du visage déjà, même si pas encore tout à fait ça.

En tout cas, suis fan de la compo etc, superbe boulot ;)

Allez un ptit fav :D
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Frenchement, je trouve ça très bien réalisé. Seulement, le visage, j'ai une impression bisard au niveau des yeux et du nez.

Ca reste quand même très beau, bravo à toi ;)
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AxertionProfessional Interface Designer
wow man, amazing detail..is this al Photoshop?
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Anaxagorous Digital Artist
Nice! Excellent attention to detail.

I think I notice what's throwing the face off, though. His nose isn't properly formed- it sort of blends in with his face and isn't very well defined. The bridge of the nose is a bit too narrow and sharp, and the tip of the nose is rather bulbous and blurry. Could use a little tweaking.

Not bad at all, though. =)
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Pixel-SageProfessional Interface Designer
Face looks better than before. It looks like the bump mapping is a bit too strong, just a teeny bit. It's giving the effect that makes it look like Cloud has a bunch of tiny holes in his face, especially at the tip of his nose.

Other than that, great detail work as usual. Better than anything I can do at the moment!
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Wow! The detail on this picture is incredible! You've got everything from the texture of the skin and leather to the glint of light off of the wolf emblem. There's even a bit of fuzz on the cloth!

This has to be the most detailed picture of Cloud I have ever seen. Well done! Definitely a fav.

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Ignyte-creativeProfessional Digital Artist
thanks you :D
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Excellent, la tête est beaucoup mieu !
Ignyte-creative's avatar
Ignyte-creativeProfessional Digital Artist
merci ;)
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mogcaizHobbyist Digital Artist
Looks good!
The small fuzzy details on his garment, is that postwork?
Ignyte-creative's avatar
Ignyte-creativeProfessional Digital Artist
thanks mogcaiz, just a part but yes ;)
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ImBrimmingWithTears Photographer
Ignyte-creative's avatar
Ignyte-creativeProfessional Digital Artist
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