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USSV Durendal

By IgnusDei
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Ship I designed for my fanfic. Done in Sketchup and Photoshop

Length is 230 meters, for scale.
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Oh so this is Hein's ship

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Whats it's purpose? Cargo Hauler?
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No, it had a lower pod that could be switched out to assume different combat roles, but the project ran out of money, so they went with a cargo pod from a freighter instead.
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Fucking awesome!
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Love the shape and the details. Really awesome :wow:.
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Fucking badass to the bone dude. You do very good work.
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very very good design, reminds me of robocops gun
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Sleek and brutal looking design. Excellent.
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what's the fic's name?
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Oh, that story. I had started about four years back and read a few chapters but had stopped for some reason.
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hey, if you got time, give it another go. You'll either love it for the characters or hate it for the labyrinthine plot. ;)
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Really like this one.
Other people: "Yeah this totally UNSC with Forerunner tech!"
Me: "Gottdammit Heins you just HAD to make it a cock and balls didn't you?"
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I'm seeing some Graviton Beam Emitter influence.
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I love the industrial grit this thing has, reminds me off the not-too-distant future look Ghost in the Shell rocked. Nice work!
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And we still have no idea what's in the bow.
That's a penis yo.
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I find this to be an interesting design for many reasons.  I actually like the scale of the craft. 230 meters may seem small but in the grand scheme of things it is a large craft (materials have a limit of what they can take).
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This is incredible, the amount of detail you put into is amazing! 
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What type of spaceship is it? What is the length?
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Nice one. Looks very Homeworldish.
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And that's how the UNSC would look like when they get their hands on Forerunner tech.
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At first I thought it's a railgun with additional power generators. 

Then I looked closer and realised that it's a spaceship.

If Deus Ex has a space level, this should be featured inside that level, with Adam Jensen at the command center. XD
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