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S'jet-class Clawcraft

Some homeworld inspired Star Wars concept fan art. I thought I'd give a next-gen EU ship a shot.

S'jet class Medium Fighter Configuration D.

Manufacturer:    Unknown
Class:        Medium Starfighter
Role:        Space Superiority / Light Bomber
Length:        15 meters
Max acceleration:    3800 G
Max atmo. Speed:    900 km/h
Engine unit:        1 Plasma Drive
Hyperdrive rating:   1.5
Nav system:    Pilgrim Type NavCom
Shielding:        4 medium particle-based generators
Armament:        4 long-range autoblasters
        4 Pod hardpoints
Crew:        Pilot (1)
Cargo Capacity:    20 kg
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Damm, thats a Nice design
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hmmm reminds me a bit of fay valantine´s ship from cowboy bebop ..

Looks almost like the Trident 1, from Oban Star Racers

I like
95DarkFire's avatar
I just thought about that show a few days ago, but I didn't know the name! Thanks so much! :D
TheScarletMercenary's avatar
(drools) Daddy want.....
Boskov01's avatar
This looks like it could come right out of Homeworld. Excellent job. I hope to see more.
Also, just curious, have you heard the good news that there's a Homeworld 3 in the works?
IgnusDei's avatar
I heard the news yeah.
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What an awesome design. Way superior to the original clawcraft. Any chance of seeing some more angles?
IgnusDei's avatar
No, sorry. Won't be revisiting this design :/
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I fucking love Clawcraft and I fucking love this.
That is amazing!  I think the EU claw-craft is not that great of a design, but this looks awesome!  And now that I saw the description, I can see the Homeworld in it, too.
GarrettRS's avatar
This is significantly cooler than the original craft. Congrats.
Fuego-fantasmal's avatar
It's too cool, dude. Congratulations.
5thevagrant's avatar
so sleek and cool, i love the color scheme
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isn't that inspired by the claw ship from oban star racer? 
TheCartridgeTilter's avatar

I was JUST about to ask the same question! I actually clicked on this thinking it was from Oban.

IgnusDei's avatar
haven't seen oban, this is based on an expanded universe Star Wars starfighter.
Aseika's avatar
either way an awesome fighter ship
tie fighter esk
TheCatagorizer's avatar
This is a cool one. 
Stingra's avatar
I feel like the design would be even better if you brought in some TIE Defender aesthetics (mainly just making three wings instead of four). I'd also lower the wings closer to the hull and have them curve back a little bit more before having them sweep forward to give you a little bit more length balance front and rear.
IgnusDei's avatar
thought about it, but then i realized it would look too much like a droid tri-fighter
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