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Hayabusa Type Zero Interceptor REPOST

Reposted to purge spam.

Originally a company licensed by Incom to manufacture and sell Z-95 Headhunters in the Pacanth Reach, Peregrine grew into a major aerospace development and manufacturing corporation thanks to the extensive patronage of the Shogunate. Its flagship product, the Type Zero Interceptor, was initially a Z-95 imitation prized for its reliability and low cost, but over the decades after the Clone Wars, Peregrine developed more advanced versions of the 'Zero', the most recent of which, by 1035 Ruusan, was the Ki-43 Hayabusa.

Featuring Peregrine's own proprietary tech, the Ki-43 was a fast and maneuverable Aerospace fighter in and out of an atmosphere thanks to its sleek aerodynamic shape and extremely powerful plasma jet drive fitted with a magnetic vector thrust control ring. As per shogunate doctrine, its four 30mm "Shiranui" meson autocannons were placed close to the cockpit, forming a tight firing pattern that rewarded precision and accuracy with critical damage on enemy targets. These advantages were offset by thin armour and shields, forcing Ki-43 pilots to rely on the starfighter's maneuverability to evade enemy gunfire.

(Inspired by various Pusher Configuration World War 2 fighter aircraft. In spite of being named after the Ki-43 Hayabusa, this ship is primarily based on the J7W Shinden.).
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The design is cool looking, but the plane probably fly’s poorly considering the wings isn’t long enough to generate enough lift :p

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The real life plane this is based on flew pretty well.

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Awesome. Love the design.

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I read your description & some comments. And here I thought that trying to make a J7W in Star Wars out of a Z-95 was going to be hard.

Though I am assuming the 30mm Auto-cannons are some form of disrupter/ion based Weapon, or are they "slug-throwers"?

The Magnetic Ring is a great Idea, & I'm assuming that the vertical stabilizers help not only in atmosphere but as heat-sinks/radiators?

Though I lack the ability to watch it, I believe this design would give the racers in "Star Wars Resistance" one heck of a race. If on anything, just looks alone!

Enough on the Star Wars, and back to the inspiration of; as I'm not sure if you're aware that there was talk of making a jet powered version of the J7W? Though, because of the ending of the war & the J7W never getting beyond prototype, that never even made it to the drawing boards.

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About the guns: the auto-cannons are in fact energy weapons. It's implied the name: Mesons are (in real-life) "...hadronic subatomic particles composed of an equal number of quarks and antiquarks, usually one of each, bound together by strong interactions", according to wikipedia. Me not being a scientist, I'm not sure what meson weapons would do to a target, but I'm pretty sure it would hurt. ;)

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Thanks for pointing that out, as I dabble a little in different sciences & am always learning. Helps that I also work in a book bindery & the publisher of "The Great Couse" series is one of our top customers.

Okay, reading over the Wikipedia entry... Though, the theory of was proposed by Hideki Yukawa in 1934, no real published research on until 2008... the larger ones usually fast decay rate, are usually decay product, have electromagnetic influences &... hack & frack!

if the mesons stay stable is one thing, but if I am reading right (& I hope am wrong) the reason they have fast decay rates is that they are self-annihilating (i.e. Antimatter/Matter reaction at the Sub-atomic level) leaving behind smaller mesons until they are either all gone (transferred in to energy) or stabilize into photons, neutrons or electrons.

I may not know how to crunch the numbers right (& I love to try in order compare theoretical Sci-fi tech to each other), but if I'm so bold to say that if mesons (& most likely exotic mesons at that) are the main body of the "projectile" (as a blaster/turbo-laser uses a form of plasma) from those Autocannons then are most likely are having both an Ionic effect (like an Ion cannon used to bring down shielding) and an extremely high energy transfer rate when the bolt of impacts & the mesons are allowed to sub-atomically annihilate/decay (striking with roughly the force of a Capital Ship turbo-laser or concussive missile).

While many might say that is too Over-Powered, I have to point out somethings - in theory.

Convergent Beam weapons (the Death Star Canon system, Side/ball-turret gunner on a LAAT, one on the prototype B-wing) power level might be making (intentional or not) mesons as a side/decay (by)product, which is why they may have been so effective.

Kyber-based weapon technology (Death Star Canon system, Lightsaber rifle, Farkiller rifle) have strangely high yield output for damage, and while I will attribute some/most to the crystal matrix of the kyber, because that might be what makes them so dangerous (stabilizing, until impact, exotic mesons). Jocasta Nu wielded the lightsaber rifle against Darth Vader, which he (in comics) was barely able to parry (even with energy-redirection & telekinesis) before the blast made a roughly 7m diameter hole through one of the Jedi temple's interior walls (wall seemed to be about 0.5-1m thick). The Farkiller wasn't known for its damage output but the range it could strike at, eliminating targets at 100 km away (able to 'precision snipe' at an orbiting starship, limit to effect range is unknown).

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I read the description only part-way before I saw that last sentence in parenthesis; my mind was going, "WAIT, it's called the 'type Zero', officially called the 'Hayabusa', and it looks like a J7? LOL those are all different Japanese planes".

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question. what is that circle thing on the back of the frame?

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The J7W Shinden, which inspired this craft, had a propeller at the rear, but since this would not do for a spaceship, I replaced it with a ring. The "in-universe" explanation is that it's a magnetic vector thrust system that redirects the engine's plasma so that the ship can turn without wasting propellant for its vernier thrusters.

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huh neat, well i am glad you took the time to explain ligit rocket science to me XD

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Getting mad Cowboy Bebop vibes from this one

reminds me of man's sky

Isn't Z-95 Headhunter also the X-WIng from Star Wars?

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The predecessor to the X-wing, yes.

This is awesome, I freakin' love it.

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can it go at warp speed ps IT LOOKS AWSOME

Thats awesome lookimg.

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Always worth a repost (even if it was just spam). This is one of those great combinations of retro, but also futuristic done in a way that makes it feel new without feeling dated. That is difficult to get right. Bravo!

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