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Tiny Kaien By Fallingemberdragon-dc2o5sj

━━✦ Blaize/Ignite | they/them ✦━━

July 24th | leo



Tools of the trade:

Huion HS610 Graphics Tablet ✧ Paint Tool Sai 2 / Clip Studio Paint Pro / Adobe Photoshop CS6

[F2U] Moon and Stars Divider


🐉 Kaien (Mascot) | Reference sheet

🐉 Blaize (Primary) | Reference sheet

🦜 Ignite (Secondary) | Reference sheet


Twitter | Youtube | Furaffinity | Instagram | Tumblr | Flight Rising | Art Fight


Please use notes to message me, not the chat feature

Art Status / Info

━━━━━━━✦ ART STATUS ✦━━━━━━━

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Commissions ............... Check here

Trades ..................................Closed

Collaborations .....................Closed

Requests .................................Nope

(Trades and collabs are mutuals/watchers only)


Commission Prices | To-do list / Queue

For 'ask me' options, the shorter my to-do list is

the more likely I am to accept commission/art trade/collab offers

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Hey Blaize! Do you do customs? I'm willing to order something! I love your designs, and I admire your style! ❤️

Hello, IgniteTheBlaze. How are you? I’ve been following your arts for a long time and I love every dragon you make, including Blaize, who’s my favorite. I’m sending you this message to ask permission to use Blaize’s pose on this drawing to draw a character ? ^^


Hello, and thank you so much~! As long as credit is given, then sure !

And I was going to say thanks for asking first but since you didn't wait for my permission... (If an artist doesn't respond right away, if at all, to a question like this then assume the answer is no ^^;) just make sure to give credit in the description, please :'>

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy New Year!

Raktah Headshot

Gorgeous artwork!! Love the scale patterns and colours :D

Hiya Blaize, I’m wondering if you’re planning on rounding out your bases with the Leafwings? I’ve purchased every other one because I love your scalework, I use them more as references than actual bases but I’d love to complete the collection :)