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Its the not-so-distant future, were huge corporations have the wealth and power to build megalithic glass/concrete monuments... and everyone else has to live in 6 different, randomly distributed types of standard buildings ;)

I always wanted to do something reminiscent of Neuromancer, Deus Ex or Ghost in the Shell...

Less comic styled/daylight version:



C4D and PS for some minor corrections
1.7 Mio Polygons
About 200 Light sources, although barely visible
Rendertime: 37hrs (24h just for the GI prepass :P) (3000x1800)
Image size
3000x2000px 4.3 MB
© 2010 - 2020 IgnisFerroque
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Yo can I use this in a film me and some friends are making? I'll give you credit and all
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Please check out my series and let me know if it is of interest to you:


It is a dystopian / cyberpunk series.
Sort of a 1984 updated to a future social world.

Best wishes.

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This is amazing!
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Any way you can make this available for download at 3000x1800? I would love to use it as my desktop background.
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Thanks for asking, but sorry, i dont share my high res versions, they turn up on odd wallpaper pages way too often ;)
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should take that as a compliment, if they do
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Six different types of standard buildings...I see what you´re doing there,Mr. Ignis... :)
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really cool lighting and generally neat scene.
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Reminds me of a modern day Rapture from Bioshock!
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Amazing artwork. This reminds me to Crysis 2.
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Awesome, but the ship looks too much blended with the bg.
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They're supposed to be stealthy i guess ;) Hehe, maybe a bit.
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Versalife AND what I presume to be a tachikoma...this is one of the coolest things ever.

There aren't enough DX/GITS crossovers...at least not that I've seen, but this does it so subtly, and that makes it even cooler.
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Hehe thanks. The mech was quite inspired by the one in the original Ghost in the Shell movie, not really a big fan of the series ;)
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