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Published: January 13, 2015
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I'm so sorry about tragedy in Charlie, though, I consider that no one has right to offense to smb's religion feelings! Nobody has right to ridicule any religion!!
Further, tell me please why when in Donbass is everyday so-called Ukraine army is killing innocent children, women and old people, bomb schools, hospitals and churches, none of Europeans to speaks nothing to support of them?!! No one help them! Or this people (btw, the people who not forgot their history, and don't lost their conscience and honour!)  worse of all, or they hasn't right to defend their families and land??! All the world has gone mad.
It's my opinion.

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I am with You3 in 1 Hearts -Free To Use 
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Спасибо! :heart:
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JJMacCrimmonEdited |Professional Photographer
Out of curiosity, do you read or have access in your country to the news services from the rest of the world?  BBC, CNN, etc?   Given that the news services in the Russian Federation are all owned directly or controlled indirectly by your government, do you think you really getting both sides of the story? 

In the western view, the Ukraine was infiltrated and then invaded by Russian troops (Crimea).  The Russian government signed a treaty guaranteeing Ukrainian borders 10 years ago and broke it because it was convenient to regain a seaport.  Then the Russian Army did the same thing in the Dombass region.  Those 'local fighters' defending their people, they aren't Ukrainian.  Most of these fighters are 'volunteers' from Russia, not Ukraine.  Some are Russian paratroopers and special forces. 

You want to talk women and children being killed?  Perhaps your government could explain how a civilian airliner was targeted and shot down by a Russian surface to air missile system.  Reporters saw the launcher moved into the country the day before from Russian territory.  The trajectory came from close to where the MH370 remains crashed, in territory controlled by your eastern Dombass fighters.  Did those people who weren't even part of the conflict have a need to die either? 

None of us in the west like warfare.  None of us enjoy seeing innocents die.  It's wrong and it's a waste.  We also are cynical enough to not believe all the stories we're fed by any one source.  We search, we read, we question the world and the events around us and we speak out without fear that our governments will lock us up (or accuse us falsely to make us afraid).  That's why when a little publication in France is attacked for writing something others didn't like, we take offense.  We may not like what it said, but we (in general) will fight tooth and nail to make sure to guarantee those freedoms of speech, worship, self-determination and more.  Not trying to be mean or provoke anger, just dialog and make sure you're seeing the entire picture.
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You know I tell just one thing, all what you say about my country and what you was said it's, put it mildly, not true!!
Of course I know what your media talk about us, and how I tell you it's not true! And stop blame us in all deadly sins! And  don't think you know more then I know, and have right how person in oter comment talk  with me in that tone.

Thank you for attention.
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peroline|Professional Interface Designer
I agree with you about the fact that people made a huge deal of it when they don't seem to care about other tragedies that are happening all over the world. I'm even preparing a photomanipulation about that. Let's just hope that this event will be a way to make people care more about the world's problem and not only to those who happen in their own country / city... But I'm not sure it will. :( To be continued !
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Thank you for the understanding.
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SoulcolorsArtEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
Freedom of speech is so important. It is great that you can tell what you think. We don't all agree on each other and that is ok. But we should never stop talking. The world is a terrible place. And I was annoyed with all the attention this terrorist attack gets too, while on the same day hundreds of people were killed in Nigeria by terrorists too. We in the west see that there is no freedom of speech in Russia and that worries us a lot. You cannot always believe what media and politics are saying even in the west. So it is important to keep an open mind and try and find the truth :)
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Oh, how I can see the West has absolutely incorrect  notion about my country=(
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A couple of points for you to consider.

1) Freedom of speech is something held very dear by us in the West, although our definition and implementation are imperfect at best. The freedom to pull organized religion & its ideologies into the light of day is sacrosanct for all us atheists and agnostics.

2) You couldn't get away with publicly stating your view of Ukraine's army if you substitute Russian for Ukrainian in your country. Try it and see how fast the thought police aka "KGB" starts watching you. I've been to Russia and although it publicly tries to hide it, it is still a police state.

3) Unfortunately you seem to have a very biased view of the world, obviously influenced by all the propaganda from Mr.Putin and his gov't. Imho, you should really expose yourself to the truth if you want to be an informed citizen of the world.

I know you disagree, and given that DA is in the U.S., you have the right to do so as do I. I just hope you have the courage to not hide this comment. Thank you.
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Of course I'm not agree with you, because you are not right!
It's a pity you have surly attitude to my country and to me.
And sinse we had exchanged of opinions early, please, don't waste your time
because you can't make me change my mind.

Thank you for your opinion =)
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peterg666666| Interface Designer
my dear
Mankind has lost the most important thing
Faith in yourself!!!
 life of every person is valuable and no one can takes him! One of the Ten Commandments is precisely   "Thou shalt not kill!"
The people have come to Earth do not to deprive life,   to are creating it. This is the greatest gift of God, unique, delightful adventure, a great teacher both in the good and the evil. And everyone should be happy precisely because is alive. Life can not have not be taken away just like that. The murder is one of of the most severe sins, especially when it is premeditated.
To the  kill a man - even the mere thought is scary!

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I too agree with you.
Sorry what hapening there:(
Here PKK Kurdish terrorist group killed more than 30.000 Turkish soldiers( most of them were only 20-25 years old) since many years but forget censure them, European politicans support them. And Kurdish terrorists are still bursting bombs, laying mines in the southeast of Turkey.
All political!
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gigi50|Hobbyist Photographer
:clap: I agree
I know people want freedom of speech~
people are too outspoken with personal feelings and then chaos happens
I don't think religion and politics should be included in the media
there will always be someone offended
that includes
Deviant Art and Facebook and so on :w00t:
I try to stay out of it as much as possible
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