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nothing, let's see if I can get anything done without the list to cross out

done so far :

- finished illustration x1

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raffle is closed now~! Thank you all for participating~! ♥ and the winner is... @MisterMistrz Congratulations~! Please send me a note with refs of what you want me to draw as a prize for you ( : previous journal: Hello all~! Two years ago I did a birthday raffle and I quite liked that idea, so I've decided to do one this year as well c: Long story short- on my birthday I'll randomly pick a person for whom I'll draw their character. So, shall we start? ♥ How to enter Be my watcher - new watchers are welcome, especially now when so many people left dA. But please don't just unwatch me after the raffle ends! Favourite this journal to get your number Create a poll/status/journal entry with a link to this raffle and post a link to it in the comments- this is optional, to give you an additional number. Additional numbers will be given out after the joining is closed ( : but remember to post a link in the comments here, otherwise it won't count! ♥ Prizes A winner
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Happy New Year~! (well, soon) Ahh, it has come to the point where my only journals are a year summary/resolutions and one raffle each year. I'm not sure what to think about it. Seeing how 90% of my watch list is now inactive on dA (mostly because of eclipse) I feel discouraged to post anything. Maybe it'll change in 2021 ( : But anyway, let's start with the 2020 summary! I keep typing 2019 for some reason. 2020 Usually I would do a short summary of changes in my life, but it's a bit difficult this year. I've been really lucky that neither my family nor my job were much affected by the pandemic. Changing my job in 2019 was the best decision I could make, and I'm so happy that my past self did it. It was a very important change for me, and yet back then I couldn't know how much it'd make my life better in 2020. It feels weird to admit it, but despite everything that was happening in the world, this year was quite good for me. And I feel kinda guilty for admiting that. Sure, I
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5 votes
Sure! (let me know in a note / comment)
Not now, maybe later this year (still let me know in a note/comment)
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