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Samuel Ignatius


Now that I've finished the main combat vehicles of the Reichswehr Araxia's Heer (army), it's now time to go back to the Luftwaffe and design the successor to the JagdAdler.
A number of vehicles in my gallery have now been labeled with "(LEGACY): Outdated Design" at the end of their titles. This was due to the great inaccuracy regarding the actual barrel sizes shown and the caliber of shell fired from them.

For example, the MBT Lowe was supposed to have a 14cm gun, the actual size displayed on its illustrations show an amazing 41cm gun (yes, we can now fire the Nagato's shells out of the barrel). The MBT Panther doesn't suffer from this problem as it was designed with a space exposed to air between the two rails, so the small 12.7cm sabot will still be able to sit between the rails.

Could I re-barrel them? Yes, but if I kept the same hull and turret size the gun would look very disturbingly small.

Solution? The MBT Lowe will now be referred to as the HT Lowe (just like its historical counterpart). Alternatively newer variants will be called Schwerer Kampfpanzer Lowe.

As a result of this change, there will be a new Lowe variant. This time armed with a gun smaller than 41cm, and the technical designation will no longer be MBT-140 Lowe. Along with this, a new MBT variant will be created with a 18cm gun.
[Updated 22nd October 2018]

After the reunification war, all private companies associated with the old Axonn Empire and Terran Federation were bought up by the government of the newly created Grand Araxium Empire, effectively turning them into state owned companies. In addition to these companies, several more were created to better suit the needs of the empire at the time. While most if not all companies were effectively state owned, several others were allowed to remain as private companies who would do other work for other sovereign nations outside of the empire.

Adler Mechanical Yards (AM-Y)

Also known as Adler Mechanical, they are the largest single company with its sister company Brunhildr Mechanized. AM-Y is the company responsible for the creation of all Araxian warships and handles their repair. As such, they have no additional industrial capacity for the production of anything else, though they do occasionally turn out ground vehicle designs they cannot even produce their prototypes.

The previous name of the company was the Axonn Mechanical Yards, changed to Adler after the reunification war due to Arabel purchasing the whole company. Under the old Axonn name, they produced most of the armored vehicles found in all wars the empire fought in up until the civil war when the multi-system company was split due to the breakdown of the empire. After the reunification war, a portion of its old industrial power was assigned to the newly formed Brunhildr Mechanized.

Walküre Motorisiert (WM)

A unique weapons manufacturer, Walküre Motorisiert has designed and built the only successful Araxian fully mechanized infantry unit known as the White Noise. Known as such due to its distinct jamming capabilities when hunting down enemies by isolating them during the jamming and seemingly making its enemies disappear from the battlefield overnight. While the early models relied heavily on the time of usage to be effective due to its weak ability during the day, later models such as the Type 23, Type 24 and Type 25 were able to operate in broad daylight without issue. However, the system still relied on its pilot on making correct decisions when in combat as mistakes could result in the pilot's death.

Aside from producing the White Noise units now renamed Walküre or Valkyrie, the company also builds personal transport vehicles such as motorcycles and luxury cars for the military. Two such vehicles under its production are the C75 motorcycle with side car and the Series 320 officer's car.

Brunhildr Mechanized (BM)

A arm of Adler Mechanical, the Brunhildr Mechanized company handles the production of a few of the armored vehicles in the Araxian Reichswehr. Purposely set up by the imperial government and initially funded by Erika Brunhildr von Raxia, the company was to handle the production of vehicles that the AM-Y could no longer handle such as the mass production of vehicles and construction and testing of prototype vehicles.

These vehicles included but are not limited to the MBT Lowe, LT-88 Gepard, Flakpanzer Norden, Flakpanzer Sud and IFV Faust.

Aside from vehicles, they also produce small arms and infantry based weapons including rifles, ATGMs and MANPADS. Some variants of Araxian power armor are also produced for the Araxian Schutzstaffel Panzermensch divisions.

Titan Heavy Engineering (T-HE)

One of the original companies from the old Axonn Empire, it used to be owned by the Axonn government before the civil war and after which it became a private company building industrial equipment for the Terran Federation. After the reunification war, the company was bought by the Araxium government and became a state run company again. Before the wars, they were responsible for creating heavy industrial equipment for other companies and were the only industrial company with their own biological research lab. This was used to the advantage of the Axonn government to create crossbreed human-katzians.

After the civil war they became smaller in size, with much of their industrial capacity being handed over to BM. They became much more focused on the production of prototype vehicles and their science department soon turned out to be far more capable, producing stronger medical consumables and significantly stronger and more dangerous gasses to be used in artillery and bombs. They were most known for the creation of the MBT Panther, designated as an advanced medium MBT by those involved in the development. The production of the Panther has since been handed over to MAR.

A new air portable railgun platform currently designated the LT-50 firing a 20 x 200 mm projectile from a 50 mm barrel is being made for the Araxian fallschirmjager airborne infantry.

Drachen Flugzeug (D-FZ)

A newer company responsible for the development of gunships for the imperial navy. Their most well produced gunship, the Gargoyle II serves in the imperial army as a transport gunship for the airborne infantry while the naval variant of this gunship named the Narwal is used as a long range recon and transport craft with its own hyperdrive. The company is partially state owned and they also produce expensive long range craft for rich civilians, these same vehicles are owned by tourist companies.

Focke-wulf RA (FW-RA)

Created after Araxia's entry into Ancerious, this small craft company is responsible for creating multi-role fighters and advanced interceptors. Their first interceptor, the Katzenhai (cat shark) was never used by the imperial navy, only the Katzenhai zwei was adopted and used as an advanced interceptor. Despite the lack of success in advanced fighter development, their new Tigerhai interceptor has made the OKRA interested again in advanced fighter designs.

Maschinenfabrik Ancerious-Raxia (MAR)

The main producer of logistics vehicles, they also build engines and a few other armored vehicles for the Reichswehr. Organized from smaller private companies into one larger partially state owned company producing logistics vehicles such as the MAR KAT1 and armored vehicles including the MBT Panther and Sd.Kfz. 20. They are also known for producing the Nebelwerfer 128 and Nebelwerfer 150 rocket system for the MAR KAT1 8x8 vehicles.

Spandau Arsenal (SA)

Spandau are an arms manufacturer, they are responsible for the design and development of heavy weapons such as mortars, artillery and automatic cannons. They are most well known for their KG-180 180mm smoothbore gun used on surface ships and armored vehicles. Due to their large amount of production capacity, they are often relied on to produce other small arms such as assault rifles and machine guns.

Walther Arms (WA)

Walther is a military arms manufacturer that are known for exporting their weapons to foreign nations. They design and produce most of the small arms used by the military, from pistols to heavy machine guns. Weapons such as the StG-08, StG-09, Gewehr 34 and the MG-02 are their design but due to their limited production capacity, they are sometimes forced to ask other companies to produce the weapons on their behalf.

Karth Manufacturing Arsenal (KMA)

One of the few companies in the Araxium empire that produces luxury arms, they are also sometimes called upon by the military to produce special rifles designed to be able to handle the special ammunition used by the Edelweiss family. Namely, 12.7x51mm enchanted magical rounds. Due to their extremely specific design and limited production numbers, these are essentially luxury arms made for the military, expensive and very well finished of extremely high quality. Their weapons are well known for being accurate, reliable and open to heavy customisation. The best known examples of their weapons are the Gewehr 500Z5 and the StG-65Z3, both of which are used exclusively by the Edelweiss sisters, Nyx and Wilhelmina Serhild von Edelweiss.


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