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:star::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:"Commissions Info.":bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::star:
:star:Real Money Commissions Slots:
>> OPEN! :bulletgreen:
>> OPEN! :bulletgreen:
>> OPEN! :bulletgreen:
>> OPEN! :bulletgreen:
:star:Point Commissions Slots:
>> closed :bulletred:
>> closed :bulletred:
>> closed :bulletred:
:bulletblack:Step#1: Read the Menu to see what type of things you will choose for your commission.
:bulletblack:Step#2: Fill the form that its below the prices thing and send me a note with the filled order form.
:bulletblack:Step#3: Send the Payment.
:bulletblack:Step#4: When you send the payment I'll start doing your artwork.
:bulletblack:Step#5: Wait till' your artwork is done.
:bulletblack:Step#5: When I finish your order I'll send it to you via Note and we all are gonna be happy c:
:bulletblack:Lines Style: Choose if you prefer sketch or lines.
:bulletblack:Traditional or Digital: Select between a traditional artwork or a digital one. (This is mostly about the lines)
:bulletblack:Art Style:
>>Anime Style: Just avaible for Digital. Please dont ask for exesive details.
>>Anime Style#2: Just avaible for Traditional. It comes with pencil shading (Including the hair texture that you see on the sample) and may be very detailed.
>>Semi-Chibi: Half-Chibi, Half-Anime Anatomy.
>>Chibi: Completely Chibi Anatomy.
:bulletblack:Coloring Style:
>>Traditional Coloring: Just avaible for traditional lined works. (I use faber-castell color pencils.)
>>Traditional Lines + Digital Coloring: You may ask for Traditional Lined artworks (with the shading effects and everything) plus digital coloring. (I will never use lined paper unless you ask for it.)
>>Digital Coloring: Just avaible for digital lined artworks.
:bulletblack:Size Type: Choose between Full Body, Waist up or Headshot.
:star:----->System of Ordering:
:bulletblack:So this is the system; Everything on the menu will add an extra price. For Example: If you ask for a sketch line style would be for example $2, plus digital art ($2), plus digital colouring ($2) the total would be like $6. I hope that Im explaining myself rightly .__.;; (Sorry I kinda fail at english >.<;; ).
:star:----->Rules and Others:
:bulletblack: I just accept Points or Dollars with Paypal.
:bulletblack: I dont do backgrounds, but I may do little details as backgrounds.
:bulletblack: I dont do Mecha or Furry Characters (But I may if they arent so complicated.)
:bulletblack: I wont do very cluttered characters.
:bulletblack: I prefer to do females than males.
:bulletblack: The 'most' that I'll do is ecchi.
:bulletblack: I wont start your artwork if you havent sent the payment.
:bulletblack: Please fill the order form correctly or you may not like the result.

:bulletblack: If you want something that is not on the menu send me a note and we may do a deal (:
[I just accept Points :points: or Dollars with Paypal. // * = Obligatory to choose from the menu. ]
:bulletblack:Lines Style:*
>>Sketch: $0.50 // :points: 25
>>Neat: $1.00 // :points: 50
:bulletblack:Traditional or Digital:*
>>Traditional Lines: $0.50 // :points: 25
>>Digital Lines: $2.00 // :points: 100
:bulletblack:Art Style:*
>>Anime Style: $3.00 // :points: 150
>>Anime Style#2: $2.00 // :points: 100
>>Semi-Chibi: $1.50 // :points: 75
>>Chibi: $1.00 // :points: 50
:bulletblack:Coloring Style:
>>Traditional Coloring: $0.50 // :points: 25
>>Traditional Lines+Digital Coloring: $1.00 // :points: 50
>>Digital Coloring: $2.50 // :points: 125
:bulletblack:Size Type:*
>>Full Body: $3.00 // :points: 150
>>Waist Up: $2.00 // :points: 100
>>Head Shot: $0.50 // :points: 25

*Other Info.: The price for extra characters will be the %30 of the total price. Example: The total was $10 then the extra character will cost $3 and the total price would be $13.
:star:----->Order Form:
>>Copy and paste this form into a note with the title "Commission Plz"and send it to me, *DeadAmaranth.

:bulletblack: Would you like me to add your name/username on the artwork? {yes/no}
:bulletblack: Name/Username that will be on the artwork: {name/username , delete line if in the previous question you answered 'no'}
:bulletblack: Lines Style: {sketch/neat}
:bulletblack: Traditional or Digital? {Choose one}
:bulletblack: Art Style: {Anime Style / Anime Style 2 / Semi-Chibi / Chibi}
:bulletblack: Coloring Style: {Traditional Coloring / Traditional Lines + Digital Coloring / Digital Coloring , Delete Line if you want it colorless}
:bulletblack:Size Type: {fullbody / waist up / headshot}
:bulletblack:Character(s) Reference(s): {add here the link of the references of your characters, the more the better}
:bulletblack:Other Details? {delete line if nothing}
:bulletblack:Type Of Payment: {Points or Dollars?}
:bulletblack:Total Price: {Total Here}
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:bulletblack: no
:bulletblack: Lines Style: neat
:bulletblack: Digital
:bulletblack: Anime Style
:bulletblack: Digital Coloring ,
:bulletblack:Character(s) Reference(s): [link]
:bulletblack: really big boobs and relly big butt
:bulletblack:Type Of Payment:points
:bulletblack:Total Price: {Total Here}